Friday, August 21, 2015

UPDATE and breakfast today, plus the meds all lined up

UPDATE: This is known as Day Three, in the round of chemo lingo. Last time as the day progressed, this is when that I felt achy all over, like the flu, but with aches of a muscular kind settling in my knees, then the peripheral neuropathy started, what I describe as a high-speed humming feeling of the tissues inside my skin, from the top of my shins down into my ankles and feet. During that night, the knees continued to ache, the peripheral neuropathy spread up into my thighs, too. We'll see what happens today.

Yesterday the anti-nausea meds worked. They are Zofran and Compazine. I'm also taking Pepcid, Senna, and Docusate Sodium. Those last two are supposed to offset some of the "plumbing" difficulties brought on by the chemo and the Zofran. Compazine makes you drowsy--I can testify to that because I slept off and on all afternoon yesterday. Zofran can give you a headache, too. I had one at the Oncology Center Wednesday, not too long after they had me take two of them--Tylenol kicked it in the butt. Since I'm only taking one here as prescribed, I didn't get a headache yesterday. I hope that's the case today.

Yesterday around 10:30 a.m. I surprised myself when I was able to walk outside in the overcast for a couple of blocks. Since I slept sporadically last night and feel drowsy still, somewhat lethargic, I'm not going to try that today. Well, unless I perk up later on. Don't want to take a walk with nothing to hold onto as I go along, especially if my body isn't behaving itself.

Thank you for your continued prayers, love, and concern. I feel it all and need it all. Y'all inspire me to make my best effort throughout this whole process.


Here's the breakfast that I ate prior to taking the morning meds. Toasted King Hawaiian hamburger bun, with Land o'Lakes butter, green grapes, the last of the cherries until next season according to the produce guy at Fred Meyer, Twinings English Breakfast Tea, and water. Plus, those meds, lined up in the background.


William Kendall said...

A lot of meds for you at the moment, but it's needed.

LOLfromPasa said...

I picked up on your journey on Facebook. My thoughts and prayers are with you.