Sunday, August 9, 2015

UPDATE - And today's reason I went back outside


I woke up feeling less energy than yesterday but knew that I needed to go out for a walk. I made it OK and came back to the apartment. I've been out for one more walk, a shorter walk.

I still don't feel like I want to feel today--no fever, no particular aches and pains, just don't feel very well.


I like to walk up and down this street which is on the south of my building. There's lots to look at, and, even though this photo doesn't show it, most of the sidewalk is shaded by trees. Yesterday I noticed that one of the trees in front of this building was gone, replaced by a tiny thing that looks to be some sort of shrub. Since a woman had come out to put her trash in the bin and we'd said hello as she passed, I commented, "Oh, y'all have lost a tree." She let me know that a repair person who came to work on something in the building had hit it, and and that was that. We talked for a moment about how sad that was, to lose a tree. She headed toward the entrance sidewalk and I went on my way, turning to look at the building. I've always enjoyed it architectural details.


I looked up and noticed immediately that we had company. I asked the woman if she had a dog on the second floor, looking out the window. She smiled, and without even looking up, said no, that that was Zoe who was a really sweet dog. This is the first photo that I took when I went back outside today, to see if I could get a chance to photograph Zoe.


Here's the second one, not a whole lot better. I didn't want to spook her with my iPhone, so I turned towards my building and walked on home.

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William Kendall said...

Quite a house, and Zoe's a cutie. There's a Zoe in one of the apartments that makes up my house, but she's a cat!