Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I won't be going here tonight--it's now known as Providence Park. UPDATE.


As a season ticket holder for the Portland Trail Blazers, I had the chance to go see the women's soccer team play tonight--the Portland Thorns. This is one thing I won't be doing because of the cancer and the chemotherapy. Plus I have the placement of the port in a few hours.

As I understand it, the port will be placed just beneath my skin somewhere near my collarbone. It will remain in there until I am done with all of the chemo--presently scheduled for Round 6 on November 11. This port will enable my caregivers to infuse chemotherapy at that site so that I don't have to be stuck here and stuck there. Yea!

Lamont, Leland, Rachel, and Brody are going to watch the Thorns play this evening. I am so happy that they will be there, yelling for me!

UPDATE: Still no nausea, hallelujah! Still some peripheral neuopathy, which continues to wax and wane. Not feeling at this moment that I am wobbly or out of balance. I am blessed.

My ride to the hospital for the port placement will be here soon. Later, y'all!

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William Kendall said...

Hopefully that procedure goes smoothly. An interesting sculpture by the arena!