Thursday, August 27, 2015

UPDATE and I finally felt like sitting outside in the shade!

UPDATE: Slept pretty good last night, too. I am so pleased with that! I have felt OK in the brain and the body today, too. I am amazed that for two days in a row I've felt that way. Amazed! And oh so thankful! Y'all are a big part of this progress, with your prayers, love and concern. Thank you so much!


While I sat outside in my folding aluminum lawn chair, watching all sorts of vehicular traffic and pedestrians, I noticed my neighbor Birdie and her Daddy walking back to the building. I said, "Hi!" They walked over for a visit. Birdie's Daddy asked, "Do you want a picture with her?" after I kept on praising her coloring, her shiny coat, her sweet personality--which I always do because they are all true. Naturally, I wanted a photo, so I handed him my phone. Here's the last one he took; right afterwards, she gave me some sugar on my chin! Y'all not from the South may not realize that means a kiss, but, I promise, that's what it means. I'm a lucky ol' lady, y'all!


Here's the first photo, with her sweet face looking up at me. It is wonderful to have such good neighbors!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

UPDATE and National Dog Day

UPDATE: A bit stronger today, walking in the hallway of my building, making loops on the carpeted floor. Less peripheral neuropathy, too. I believe I will be able to return to work on Monday, part time, barring any unforeseen changes. Thinking this way and feeling this way is a real blessing.

Daddy and his bird dogs, Joe and Jack.

It's National Dog Day, y'all. Here's my Daddy with two of his quail hunting dogs, Jack and Joe. He's not hunting them right then, he's walking them, training them. I believe this was taken in the mid-1960s. I love this photo a whole lot. Daddy hunted for many years with my Uncle J L. When they got a mess of quail, my Mama's mother, Mama Sudie, ended up cleaning and cooking them. I don't remember thinking that they tasted like all that, but the older folks liked to eat them--she fried them in her iron chicken-frying skillet on the gas stove in her kitchen.