Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sights I'll miss until I am about out and about again, No. 3 - plus an update


Graffiti, Portland style. I took this photo April 26, 2008. Looks like it was a nice sunny day for leaving a trail.

RECOVERY UPDATE: Slept pretty good, in the recliner which meant less stress on my body. Thank goodness I had the laproscopic procedure, not the full abdominal one; that should make my recovery less stressful. Lamont sacked out on my twin bed. I ate a piece of toast around 6 a.m., took a Oxycodone and a 600 Ibuprofen at 6:20 a.m. By 7:20 a.m., outrageous nausea set it. Lamont and I both thought we'd heard two names of over-the-counter nausea meds, so he got in his car and drove to Freddie's where he found nothing, not even a helpful employee; then he drove to Walgreens where a worker explained to him that both were prescription drugs. Lamont called me to report this. While he was on the way back here, I was able to call the discharged-from-the-hospital-within-five-days advice nurse and get some advice: Eat some protein, like a scrambled egg, and some dry toast, slowly, over a period of time. Within two hours of having done that, if I still felt totally terrible, call back. She said it could have been either pill that caused the nausea.

Well, it worked! Actually, by the time I ate it, an hour and a half had passed since I took the pills, so a bit of relief seemed to be already on its way. But, eating that dry scrambled egg and that dry toast, slowly, over an hour, made a huge change. Since then, I've walked in the hall of the apartment building, as well as around in the apartment between kitchen, bathroom and living room. I've had a bit of baked chicken and some plain rice, plus a few strawberries from the box of cut fruit that Leland got yesterday when he went to the grocery store for me. Today he got a few more items that I wanted but didn't think of yesterday. I'm heading for the recliner in a few to take a nap.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and concern. We really appreciate it.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sights I'll miss until I am about out and about again, No. 2

--> IMG_2449

Seeing people reading on the bus and/or listening to their music on their commute. I sometimes read or listen to music, but most of the time I'm looking out the windows or watching people.

SURGERY UPDATE: No complications from the operation, no need to be cut wide open--hooray! Woke up when I was supposed to with family and friends there in my room. Kept going back to sleep and still managed to sleep for a couple hours at a time during the night. I cannot remember exactly when I did it, but in the afternoon I managed to walk about 75 feet using an old-style walker for confidence. Ate jello and popsicles. This morning ate room service breakfast, hospital style--scrambled eggs, toast and jelly, sausage links, chilled hard-boiled egg, fruit cup, cranberry juice. I left bits of everything, but managed to consume enough that I felt happy to have eaten. Then, I fell asleep again in the chair--pretty comfortable chair once you get the pillows behind you. Oh, I forgot. The surgeon came by around 7 a.m. and said that I could go home in a few hours. So, that's where I am now! Just ate a little bit of plain rice and a baked chicken leg. I'm about to eat a few pieces of fruit and then take a nap in the recliner.

RESULTS/DIAGNOSIS - unknown at this time, waiting for the extensive biopsy results, may know by the end of next week.

THANKS for all of your prayers and well wishes!