Friday, December 19, 2014

Will Portland get almost five inches of rain between Friday morning and Sunday evening? Hmmmm.

All of these are archived rainy weather photos which I've decided to share today, due to the weatherman's dred-filled excitement about what the models predict for the Portland metro area.

I imagine it will begin much like this--in fact, I'll bet it's already like this outside right now. I'll find out soon, when I head for the bus stop.


At some point during the next three days, it will look like this, and worse, if we really do get the predicted five inches.


I took this photo over in Portland's Alphabet District, where I used to live on the top floor of a four-story apartment building. Rainy night, then.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Christmas decorations at my work cube, a break from the ESHT 2014 posts about October 9


My Secret Santa gave me this absolutely fabulous picture frame decorated with gobs of googly eyes which are among my favorite craft supplies, ever! And I put that photo of myself in my More Cow Bell T-shirt in it, because I can!


The wide shot of the cube wall, taken prior to the arrival of the googly eye picture frame and the subsequent rearrangement of certain elements of the decorations. The sign reveals the theme I chose for my efforts, but it was the two packages of green, glittery trees which inspired it! I got them at Walgreens this year; in fact, I went back a week and a half later and bought one more package, for back up!


My handcrafted Super Chikan Christmas ornament, purchased from Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art, Inc., in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Who wouldn't want to play a guitar decorated as a watermelon? Super Chikan's blues musician and a folk artist--he makes full-sized, playable guitars out of all sorts of everyday items. They are works of art, too. He signed in on top of the guitar neck, neat-o!


The girl and boy who are on their way to Grandmother's house. He remembered his camera! They came from the Side Street Gallery, SE 28th and SE Ash, the camera from Goodwill, and the trees from Walgreens.


Grandmother lives in the two-story house at the top of the hill. The snowy village came from Goodwill. I knew it would go home with me the minutes the sales clerk plugged it in at the counter and all of those lights came on. They change from color to color--another neat-o!


More of the woods around the village where Grandmother lives. I've been collecting these trees for eight years, all found at Goodwill and Walgreens, except for the mini-pinecone ones--those table decorations were given to me after a wedding rehearsal dinner where I took photos, sweet!


The string of party lights, labeled Retro Motorhomes, came from the Side Street Gallery. Just like the snowy village, I knew they'd go home with me. After all, my parents had motorhomes from the 1970s on until Daddy died in 1999. I just might go back and get another string of them, to have at home for year-round!