Saturday, April 19, 2014

First visit to Disneyland, Day Two, Post No. 6

Characters here, characters there. And I'm not talking about Sharon and me, although we are known far and wide to be a couple of characters!


Sharon, Pluto, and me, smiling our heads off! How kind of him to wear a name tag! Most everyone we saw out and about smiled a lot, well, except for tired and/or frustrated children, toddlers and babies, followed by their parents/grandparents/extended family members. Whew. A real-life reinforcement of the brilliance that children are born to the younger generation, let me tell you! Thankfully for everyone, most of the babies, etc. within earshot made it A-OK. By the way, his whiskers did not touch our faces, so everyone else who poses with him shall be safe and sound! Hey, Blue Diamond PDX, my favorite neighborhood bar in Portland, I'm wearing one of your comfortable T-shirts!


Mrs. and Mr. Incredible, aka Helen and Bob Parr! Wearing their suits designed by Edna "E" Mode. Do I ever wish I'd seen her. You see, my little Mama's first name was Edna, her middle name Earle, therefore she was an Edna E, too! And she stood right around five foot tall, probably a little taller than Edna "E." So, besides the fact that Helen, Bob and I are all incredible, we're closely connected with a tiny woman named Edna!


On to the next attraction with characters!


The speedy, suave and debonair Lightning McQueen entertained Sharon and me as we posed for a photo while visiting Radiator Springs in Cars Land. Ladies, y'all ought to hear him roar!


Amy joined her mom Sharon and I as we met Sir Tow Mater! Love that guy! It was a lot of fun to pose with him and Lightning in front of the Cozy Cone Motel.

Friday, April 18, 2014

First visit to Disneyland, Day Two, Post No. 5

The Bubble Gun Story, as photographed by me while in line at Soarin' Over California, a really neat ride that even has scents to enjoy, a favorite for many who visit Disney California Adventure. I made up all of these captions beneath the photos.


The man in the hat reaches for bubbles spewing from the boy's bubble gun, to the delight of the little boy. Meanwhile, over at the right edge of the photo, it almost appears that the other little boy is drinking from his bubble gun. Surely not!


The man keeps his hand out even after all of the bubbles have floated beneath it. Looks sort of like he's saying, "Gimme five!" to the boy in the Athletics' T-shirt.


The boy squeezes the trigger and bubbles spew into the air, catching the sunlight. Meanwhile, over at the right edge of the photo, the other boy's shooting bubbles, too. In between the two boys, there is a young woman who I figure must be their big sister. She looks too young to me to be their mother. What do you think?


Ah, boys will be boys! It's a bubble shoot out! Wait! Has the man said something alarming that the young woman has overheard? I prefer to think that he said, "It's great that they brought the bubble guns with them because watching the bubbles helps me pass the time in this long, long, line."


Yes! Smiles all around as everyone continues to enjoy the bubbles. I say, "Thanks, boys!"