Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Raindrops on roses.


It's very easy to see why Maria included raindrops on roses as one of her favorite things in that beautiful song from "The Sound of Music."


I hope my decision to include a larger version of this photo doesn't jam up your computer. I just want to share how beautiful this photo turned out. I'm telling you, I had to hold my breath to be still enough to get it. I'm still not nearly as strong and steady as I'd like to be, but I shall not stop working to get there. Photos like this entice me to keep on keepin' on!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This view makes me so happy.


Monday, May 23, looking northwest from the rooftop garden at work, with these blossoms in the foreground and the Portland Oregon neon sign, topped with the stag, in focus in the background, plus the words Union Station visible on the tower at the station, to the left of the Portland sign--see it there, between the out-of-focus blossoms? Ah, bliss in this small portion of the panorama that is Portland's skyline. The Fremont Bridge in the background is the icing on the cake!

It's special to me, so special that I am able to go to the rooftop garden at my breaks or at my lunch or at all three and take in the beauty, no matter the weather. And this camera, my Olympus OM E-M5II with the zoom lens, these make me so happy that I am finally feeling like learning about the two of them and how to take decent photos. Thanks to each of you for all of the prayers, love, and concern that you showered on me over the period of treatment for the cancer that is now in my past. I am better through your help, my caregivers, and the grace of God.


Here's another shot of the same view, taken on May 17. Fewer buds had opened on that day, six days prior to the top photo.


Here's a closer view, alas, a bit crooked, of the two signs--Portland, Oregon, and Union Station. I don't find it as interesting without those blossoms in the front, but I wanted you to be able to see the signs better so that if you've had any difficult in finding them in the other two photos, this view should help you.