Monday, August 3, 2015

UPDATE - Sights around Portland that I miss right now.

UPDATE: Still sleeping about three hours at a time. Not as much aching in the knees, thank goodness! Still experiencing peripheral neuropathy, though, with the humming mostly on the shins and down into my feet right now, not as much in my hands right now. Still wobbly and feeling out of balance when I walk, but with this perfect-size-for-me studio apartment, there is a sturdy piece of furniture or a wall within easy reach, no matter where I go. I am not dizzy, either.

So far, hallelujah, I have noticed no taste alterations nor have I had enough nausea to result in what could follow it--you know what I mean.

Thank you for your continued prayers, love, and concern.


I took this photo on June 21, 2012, because I happened to notice that the lights were on in the evening at Albertina Kerr, making a lovely backdrop to the rose blossoms. It's not often that there is an evening event going on there, so I count myself blessed to have been able to get this photo.


I took this photo on March 19, 2011, while I waited for a bus at the roundabout where NE Glisan St. and NE 39th (also known as NE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd.) intersect. I love vintage vehicles and couldn't resist this one tootling along.


Here's a view that I'll miss forever, of The Big Pink and the Portland, Oregon neon sign--I took this photo on March 18, 2011, years before the construction of a 19-story building got started. It makes me so sad to realize that when I get well enough to return to work and riding the bus each morning, I won't see this view. I hope to goodness that the building is worth it, as in OK to look at on a week-day-basis which is when I'm most likely to be here. The building is going up at the east end of the Burnside Bridge, smack up against it on the north side of the bridge. I imagine it has already increased by several stories since I was last there and took a photo or a video--probably did that in June, is my best guess.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

UPDATE and what I photographed August 2, 2010

UPDATE: Slept off and on. No nausea yesterday or during the night. Felt nauseous a half hour ago, so I took the Compazine which is the one anti-nausea med I've been directed to take as needed, every six or eight hours. I wrote down what time I took it, in case I need it again later today. Less peripheral neuropathy in legs, knees, ankles, feet at present--I am grateful for that. There is a bit of it in wrists and hands, but I'm not dropping things, just feeling twitches and tinges and aches, more on the right--I am right-handed. Still walking a bit off balance, not stumbling but being very aware of what happens when I stand up and move so that I can be ready to react, if need be. So far the food I'm eating tastes like it usually tastes, thank goodness. The only odd taste I've noticed is that sometimes the water in my 28-ounce mug tastes sweet, barely noticeable, not disturbing. Lamont's coming over today and staying with me for a while--I've got a short list of chores for him. Yesterday Leland stayed for hours and went grocery shopping for me, plus he put away everything. I'm blessed to have these sons who have grown into fine men. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers, love, and concern.


That particular evening I met Lamont and some of his friends at Colonel Summers Park at SE 20th and SE Belmont, to watch folks play softball and dodge ball. This photo sort of shows how I'm feeling, on the lookout--wary and ready.


And this one shows the positive reaction and the fact that still being on the lookout is essential to continued success.