Sunday, August 23, 2015

UPDATE and the marquee and facade at Hollywood Theatre, the vintage theater I'm able to go to on the bus, when I feel good enough! Plus, the facade of the Laurelhurst Theater, which is close enough that I can walk, when I feel good enough and the weather cooperates!

UPDATE: No nausea, even without the anti-nausea meds--I've made it past the number of days that I'm prescribed to take them. Hooray! Less peripheral neuropathy today, too. Another hooray! Still very tired, but I've managed to stay awake all day so far. Maybe I'll sleep longer than a couple of hours at a time during the night. I am thankful for all of your continued prayers, love, and concern.


Here you see the results of two successful fundraising campaigns, one to install a marquee reminiscent of the theater's 1926 original, plus a recent campaign to clean and restore the gorgeous facade, along with other needed repairs, etc. I went to see Straight Outta Compton and am glad that I saw it although I know little about the real people it supposedly portrayed and I wonder about the degree of verisimilitude in the film. Still and all, it was an emotional ride for the entire movie.

Here's some info about the marquee, from the theater's Web site:  

The new neon, illuminated sign is the latest sequel to many other Theatre improvements. New auditorium seats, digital projection systems, screens and sound systems were recently installed as well as a fresh coat of paint inside and out (done by pro-bono worker extraordinaire Joel Hamberg.) The marquee was funded by grant funders, businesses and over 1,100 people who donated to a Kickstarter campaign.

And here's some about the facade project and what else is planned at the same time:

Starting July 13, we’re beginning a $265,000 building project to restore and repair the facade and roof of our historic 1926 theater. This project will include the in-depth cleaning and restoration of the Theatre’s stunning fa├žade, the re-tiling of the Theatre’s period clay roof, and the repair of water leaks throughout the building. Which means:

• We can re-open and operate our former box office window • We can proceed in partnership with the Columbia River Theatre Organ Society with the installation of a functioning pipe organ (now that our organ loft is dry) • The Theatre as a structure will be stabilized and weather-resistant for decades to come • This Portland landmark will be more beautiful than ever!

This exciting restoration project is made possible through the generous support of the Kinsman Foundation, Jackson Foundation, Pacific Power Foundation, ESCO Foundation, Fred W. Fields Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation, and Collins Foundation, and through the ongoing support of the Hollywood Theatre’s board of directors, members, and donors. Thank you!


For comparison, here's photo of the previous marquee and the facade before any restoration and repair. At two different times during their runs, I saw Win Win (fabulous film with the the wonderful Paul Giamatti) and Jane Eyre (the 2011 version, totally gorgeous and breath-taking in all aspects).


I enjoy going to the movies here, too, especially when the weather's right for walking the eight blocks there and back, when my health permits. Plus, neon always gives me a thrill! I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service--a totally entertaining movie loaded with mayhem and violence; I believe I can say that because there was little blood and flesh flying around, exploding on the screen. Both Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson played their characters to perfection!

Here's some info about the Laurelhurst, from its Web site:

The Laurelhurst Theater became part of Portland's cultural and architectural history when it first opened in 1923. The original single screen could seat 650 people and was one of the first art deco style theaters of the period. Over the years the Laurelhurst has been added onto and now offers four auditoriums with modern amenities but still maintains its classic appeal. Now celebrating our 15th year as a theater and pub. Thank you Portland!

Enjoy microbrews, wine, pizza, salads, wraps, popcorn and candy. All of which may be brought into the auditoriums to enjoy at your table while you watch your movie.

The theater's four screens bring the best of modern cinema, Independent, art and classic film to Portland's movie lovers.

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