Thursday, August 13, 2015

UPDATE and let's go for when Portlanders needed umbrellas for Throwback Thursday


My hair is loose, y'all. If I run my fingers through what's left after that short hair cut on July 21, I have hairs between my fingers. I don't feel them leaving my head, there's no tugging or pulling or pinching. It comes out while I'm sleeping, too. I'm OK with this because I know why it's happening. What if I didn't know the reason? I'd be panicking right and left. As it is, I'm centered by knowledge.

Yesterday, since I took a several-hour-nap, right after noon through 3:30 p.m., I was wide awake until 12:45 p.m. Then I managed to sleep until 7:15 a.m. although I woke up twice during the night. 

I've got to get this sleep thing worked out because two weeks from yesterday, I'll return to work part-time, August 26 through September 8, then have Chemo Round Three on September 9.

That's what I expect to happen, that's what I'm planning for. It all depends on what sort of whammy Chemo Round Two is on August 19.


Cars in the Park, June 18, 2011--theme of the day, Chevrolet. Folks came out to enjoy the vintage vehicles on display in the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland, umbrellas and other rain wear at the ready. We're in front of the Portland Art Museum--inside it there was an outta sight wonderful exhibit, The Allure of the Automobile. Every week throughout the summer, cars shows with a particular theme took place. A vintage vehicle lover's paradise, let me tell you.


Every which way, pedestrians with umbrellas. I remember when I moved here, the guys told me I'd want a raincoat with a hood so that rain wouldn't run down my neck at the collar, dripping there from a rain hat. They also said that umbrellas proved to be a pain. I took their advice and never looked back, until I realized that sometimes I'd be OK with my little travel umbrella given to me by British Airways on my last student/teacher/stray adult trip to Europe in 2001 when some of us got upgraded to Business Class--wow, that was superb! I love that little umbrella which easily slips into one of the water bottle pockets in my everyday purse. Very seldom do I have to use it because when rain is predicted, I wear my hooded raincoat. It's a back-up I'm blessed to have with me.


I like this one a whole lot. You can see the raindrops on the Chevy.


Nope, this car show's not going to the dogs even though this dog came prepared for the weather.


One more photo that gives you an idea of the rain.


William Kendall said...

The last shot particularly stands out!

Anonymous said...

Being an Oregonian myself, I'd venture to say the folks with umbrellas are not real Oregonians. "Real" Oregonians don't own umbrellas. They are the people in the last photo.


Birdman said...

My hair is a curly mop. I usually go sans-umbrella. It helps.