Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seen on a TriMet bus

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July 24, 2010, after work on the homeward commute, I couldn't resist taking a photo of my work friend you see here--she worked in another department during a specific season for several years. We got acquainted at the bus shelter waiting for our first bus home, easily chit-chatting together from the get-go. She's from New England originally. Can't you just hear her fantastic accent? I can. Doesn't she look classy-sunny-day-summertime-perfect? And this is at the end of the work day! The last time I saw her, serendipitously this summer walking on the sidewalk downtown, she told me she was working full-time at a major department store and that she and her husband were contemplating moving back so that they could be closer to family. She already knew that she could transfer to a store there. I hope all goes well for them, no matter which coast they call home.

In response to one of my commenters, Andy, here's a link to what's in the news right now about TriMet. And let me make it totally clear, I do not work at TriMet. I use TriMet every time I leave the apartment, unless I'm going somewhere within walking distance, going somewhere in a Zipcar, or going somewhere with my sons or  a friend who has a car. I find all space associated with TriMet to be perfect for people watching, vehicle watching, and therefore, taking photos.


Andy said...

The world awaits the first phone implant.
PS: Isn't TriMet in trouble for cooking the books on overtime hours?

Jim Klenke said...

Nice to be able to have a job after a move. I moved a lot when I was younger and never worried about a job, always knew I would get one. Nowdays, no way.

Randy said...

Your brave, do people ask why you took their photo?

Bob Crowe said...

Portland is both lucky and smart. You probably have the best public transport of any medium size city in America. You had the wisdom to really limit suburban sprawl (unlike here!). We have terrible sprawl and lower density so you gotta have a car.

Jack said...

I love Andy's comment about a phone implant.