Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seen either on or from a TriMet vehicle, be it bus or MAX, or maybe even the Portland Streetcar, which is not TriMet

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From the Portland Streetcar, headed to work, south on MLK, on November 21, 2012. As we made our way through the intersection with Burnside, I liked the way the streetlights along the sidewalks on the Burnside Bridge disappeared in the distance, as well as the shimmer of light on the Big Pink. 

I took three photos--this is the second one. I've put it here because the Big Pink is more in focus in it than in the other two. In the photo, the wide blur at the base of the Big Pink is a vehicle stopped at the traffic signal. 

I wonder if the driver thought I would get his/her face in the photo? No chance of that, not enough light. And, as you can tell by the blur, the streetcar was bookin' on down the street. I know that the blurry image is not driving along beside the streetcar because the streetcar tracks are adjacent to the curb without any sort of lane between them and the curb. 

Oh, before I forget, in this photo you get an idea where the Portland Oregon sign is located, the sign that is the image used as the header for my blog. It's on top of a building and only looks closer to the street because of perspective and distance.


Jim Klenke said...

I see the sign. I always wonder what other people think when they see me taking pictures from the car. This one probably thought you were a stalker. Now it would be funny if they were behind you again and you again took a picture not knowing they were there.

Lowell said...

It's the street lights that make this photo - they look suspended in mid-air, like someone dropped little blobs of yellow in a parallel pattern! Very nice!

Randy said...

Beautiful early morning shot Lynette.