Monday, January 28, 2013

A. E. Doyle's Bank of California Building, No. 3

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The ceiling and one of the light fixtures.

A closer view, from a different angle.

Another vintage photo. From the National Register of Historic Places application for the Bank of California--I could not find the photos online anywhere except in the PDF, so I took photos of the photos with my camera because the thought of not being able to share them with you saddens me immensely. Please do not copy and paste this photo. Thank you.


Randy said...

It's nice that they kept those beautiful fixtures.

Jack said...

Your middle image has nice reflections.

You asked if there is hope for the Capewell building. Its best hope is that it is in a lousy area, so no one is currently knocking down old buildings to erect new ones. But, no one is investing in renovating old buildings either. I suspect it will stay in this state for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lights and ceilings... they just don't make them like that anymore...