Friday, October 21, 2011

Back to Saturday, August 27, and fun with Howard and Vanessa and Milton and Kay

We drove away from where you saw the Zipcar on the Friday, October 7, post, eventually heading north in downtown to find a parking place closer to the Saturday Market.

Getting around in downtown Portland often requires making the block with a series of left turns. In doing so we stopped at a traffic signal, and I saw the sun on this "diamond" above the doors of the Willamette Building, 534 SW 3rd Avenue, shining in the sun. I grabbed my camera. Click! Nice adornment that calls attention to the diamond dealers in the building.

We parked and walked a few blogs in Old Town towards the Saturday Market where we walked up and down the aisles, browsing. Once we reached the end of the aisles we sat down to listen to the How Long Jug Band. Hooray for live music, folding chairs, canopies, and sunshine.

Just to our left stood a Rogue Nation Rise Up stall. Folks stood in line for a cold drink, wearing their sunglasses in hopes of knocking down the glare. What caught my eye, though, was the woman's purple hair.

To our right, this little dog taking a ride in the bicycle basket caught my eye. Looks like that little girl got a kick out of the dog's ride, too!

Not twenty feet behind the back wheel of that man's bicycle stood this colorful formed beauty, advertising Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grille. I have never been to this eatery, so I know nothing about their menu. However, I do like this statue a whole lot.

Look who I saw a few feet to Mary's right! My favorite busker, Mr. Statue.

We left soon after I took these photos--I delivered Howard and Vanessa to their hotel. We three drove back to the apartment. Kay wanted to do some laundry since they would be boarding Amtrak for the long ride home on Monday, and we had all-day plans for Sunday. Howard and Vanessa walked over to the Rock Bottom Brewery for supper. We stayed in, did the laundry, ate leftovers, drank sangria, and watched NASCAR while putting all of Milton's video of the trip onto my iMac. Then to bed for a decent night's rest.


Jim Klenke said...

Looks like something I would think would be in Southern California. I like the purple.

Kate said...

Laughed at "hamburger Mary" because one of our favorite open restaurants in Mazatlán, México is owned by a woman who grew up in Minnesota whose name is Mary, and we, of course, call her "Hamburger Mary!"

Lowell said...

Well, this looks like you had a wonderful day! What great fun. And you got some very fine shots. I especially liked the photo of the band...looks like they've been a little deep in the "jug"! :-) And I liked the little dob in the basket and the statue of the girl with the hamburgers, but the best was that long purple hair. Sheesh. I guess if you need to get noticed that's one way to do it!

Lois said...

I like that purple hair and those fishnet stockings on Hamburger Mary. What a fun day and a great place to go do some people watching!