Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Part 4, our last fun day together, Sunday, August 28, 2011

Elk Cove Winery, Gaston, Oregon turned out to be a very nice vineyard to visit. Once we found it.

We followed the Garmin on what turned out to be a wild goose chase to a dead end. Then we used my iPhone and made it there before they closed! About the wild goose chase, let me say that I've never had so much fun driving forward, then backing up, turning around, all on a hard-packed gray gravel road out in the Oregon countryside, well after we'd left the paved highway.

We'd genuinely enjoyed being together on the entire ride--dust and all--'cause the dust stayed outside the SUV!

Once we were inside the tasting room at Elk Cove, still talking and chuckling about how we finally found the place, one of their employees piped up, "Oh, that happens to people all the time when they use Garmin. The road stops on one side of the ridge and starts again on the other side." We looked at each other and laughed some more. And it was not the wines being tasted that led to the laughter. By the way, Milton's holding Kay's glass--he didn't drink out of two all by himself. Really. And I had sips of two different wine--one doesn't drink and drive, especially with a Zipcar full of family and friends.

Weddings take place at Elk Cove. In fact, one would happen not too long after we left for Portland. Several people worked hither and yon, getting ready. And then two vehicles filled with the wedding party (no bride or groom yet) and folks who looked like wedding guests parked near the SUV.


I enjoyed walking around, taking a few more photos.


Lowell said...

Gotta watch those GPS thingys...ours almost drove us into the ocean one day!

This is a beautiful place for sure. Hopefully, you didn't taste too much wine! I'm one of those who thinks wine-tasting means a glass of each type!

Reed said...

Very interesting series. I like the one at the top the best.

parker said...

Wow! What a nicely kept and pruned vineyard, and so green!

I would have to tease Milton about being a two-fisted wine drinker! We have seen the picture!

bfarr said...

What a great way to spend the day with friends.

Randy said...

What a beautiful winery! Wonderful photos Lynette.