Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here's the news about the BLAST that I had at Bauman's Farm on Oct. 1 when I went for the Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off. I even shot an Apple Cannon!

I decided to go to Bauman's Farm after seeing their activities highlighted on KGW, Channel 8, with Drew Carney, their Out and About guy, who is highly entertaining in his own right. When I heard about dropping pumpkins from on high and weighing giant pumpkins and zip lines, I thought, "Why not get a Zipcar and "Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out!"--a la The Beastie Boys! So I did, and I'm glad. Scroll to the bottom of this post and learn about just how much time you've got left to go have some fun yourself!

Right after I found what turned out to be a perfect paved spot to park my Zipcar, I walked past the big red barn that houses the Farmers Market and Bakery and the Nursery which is beside it, plant nursery that is. I rounded the corner and spied this welcoming quartet of goofy grins and an even more welcome sign above their heads!

Look what I found around the corner. And I don't mean that wheelbarrow or bin of pumpkins in the distance!

I took this photo from the Barnyard bridge, looking towards the massive parking area (I did park there later on--more about that tomorrow) and the field where later on pumpkins would be dropped from a helicopter as part of a fund raiser for Easter Seals. In the foreground you see folks riding on the Pedal Carts. Love that caterpillar! And I'm sure you noticed the giant pumpkins all lined up in two rows, between the Pedal Carts and the parking area. Can you guess which one ends up weighing the most? I'll show you tomorrow!

The Jumping Pillow! Looks Like fun!

I thought about doing this, but I decided not to since I was driving myself in a Zipcar.

Well, I could have done it safely. Maybe next year.

The Apple Cannon and my results!
I shot the yellow one later, two shots for $1.00.

If you look closely above the left-center of the grin, you can see splat that was the apple that I shot! I took the photo in between my two shots. My second shot hit the ground and bounced towards the Isuzu Trooper.

Cute little ladies man takes in the action of these two balloon artists.

About the pumpkin drop, I kept looking here and there, expecting to see a giant crane in the air, waiting to drop one or more of them somewhere. Couldn't see it anywhere, but then I heard a voice coming from up on the Barnyard Bridge, a little boy saying, "They're gonna drop it!" I looked straight up at him from the barnyard and then remembered that I had just heard a helicopter. I quickly put two and two together and hot-footed it back up onto the bridge. I changed to my zoom lens and got several photos that I like.

DSC_0161pFirst one, the helicopter takes off, loaded with a pumpkin.

Second one, pretty much self-explanatory.

Uncle Pete's Polka music, his 12th year! He played The Chicken Dance, and that lady had some fun doing it! How about that little gray poodle in the violinist's lap?

Lots of other sights, all over the place.

Bauman's Farm & Garden, 12989 Howell Prairie Road, Gervais, Oregon. October hours: Monday thru Friday, 9-6, Saturday and Sunday, 9-5.

Here's the activities map.

All of their activities are covered, except for the pumpkin patch. On their Web site, I counted 26 regularly scheduled weekday activities, in addition to their upcoming special weekend activities:

Saturday, October 22
Face painting/air brushing
Allegro Dance Company, 11 a.m.
Silver Creek, Noon – 3 p.m.
Healing Rhythm Drum Circle, Teepee
Uncle Pete's Polka Music, Store
Wine Tasting & Gourmet Food

Sunday, October 23
Face painting/air brushing
Pumpkin Carver Tim Tate
Pie Eating Contest 2 p.m.
Silver Creek, Noon – 3 p.m.
Healing Rhythm Drum Circle, Teepee
Uncle Pete's Polka Music, Store
Wine Tasting & Gourmet Food

Saturday, October 29
Uncle Pete's Polka Music, Store
Healing Rhythm Drum Circle, Teepee
Wine Tasting & Gourmet Food

Sunday, October 30
Courthouse Dance Academy, 1 pm.
Pie Eating Contest 2 p.m.
Uncle Pete's Polka Music, Store
Healing Rhythm Drum Circle, Teepee
Wine Tasting & Gourmet Food

Weekdays I counted 16 activities. It's pretty much an amazing place. Their Web site is informative, and they're on Facebook, too.

Tomorrow I'll post about the Giant Pumpkin Weight Off!


Lowell said...

What a riot! I've never seen anything even close! I could spend days out there and it appears to be very popular with the community!

Great series of shots. Very enjoyable!

Lois said...

Wow! What a fun place. I've never seen such big pumpkins!

Jack said...

You don't miss much, do you?

bfarr said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun

Randy said...

This looks like a great time. Can't wait for tomorrow's picture.

parker said...

Now, if you didn't find a Great place to have a good time! I don't know where! And you joined in and participated!

I love Punkin Pie! Just wondering how many could be made from one of those monsters being judged?

Gunn said...

So MuCh FuN!!!
Great documentary!
Thanks for sharing!

Gunn / Stavanger.

Anonymous said...

I just love the feel your pictures give. Love the Map of Activities and Schedule of Events. Would make anyone wish they could have been there. What color and fun!

Juliet in MN