Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Foliage, 2011. I found some! In my old neighborhood!

After spying a photo on Flickr taken at the intersection of NW 23rd and West Burnside, I knew I had to get over there soon, before the leaves got rained or blown off the trees.

So Friday after work I took the 15 bus and traced my old route home, thinking of Mama and how much I miss her. How much I miss that part of Portland. Not that I don't adore where I am now because I do. I just miss the Alphabet District. These trees lining the sidewalk at a shopping center parking lot go a long way to explaining one of the reasons I miss my old neighborhood. I'm standing on Westover Road looking south towards West Burnside.

I took this from the upstairs balcony at the shopping center.

From 2006, through 2010, these beauties trumpeted the arrival of autumn for Mama and me. We never got tired of seeing them. They're in the parking lot in front of Zupan's. The red car is on SW Vista at its intersection with West Burnside. It was someone else's photo of them that got me on the bus.

You see, the trees where I now live have not changed much, yet. At least I'm hoping for yet because there are a lot of trees in my neighborhood. These trees are very near my apartment. I took these photos last Sunday afternoon as a way to gauge the arrival of what I hope will become glorious color.


Kate said...

What a difference between the colours of the trees in the two neighborhoods. The former is a place of colours.

parker said...

You have captured a wide variety of the classic fall colors. Nice images and very well done! Memories are a very special part of us. Nice that you are filled with nice ones.

magicpolaroid said...

wow luv colors! autumn is arrived!

Jim Klenke said...

I love the colors. I think most of the trees down here are dead from the drought. Most are already brown.

Randy said...

Those are lovely trees Lynette! Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

When the sun shines, those trees look like they're lit up from the inside... lovely colors!

Reed said...

Love the top one with the row of trees. Gorgeous. I believe your Mama was there with you looking at those trees.