Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cars in the Park, Saturday, August 27, MOPAR. We enjoyed ourselves for quite a while.

My favorite paint job of the summer-long Cars in the Park!

1970 Plymouth Duster 340. This is the original paint job. Smiling broadly, I asked the owner if he would put the hood down so that I could take a photo. He did. Sweet!

Although the photo is acceptable with the hood up, don't you think it's better to be able to see the entire design of the car? I do.


Engine by Dick Ott.

Talk about the perfect interior. Perfect! Look at the design sewn into the seats. Wow. And that steering wheel. Double wow.

The dash and its painted trim, the center console, the shifter--so fine.

Now you know the Duster's nickname. It comes from the snakeskin paint job.

A close-up of the paint job. Wait! Is that a surfboard at the back of the trunk lid?

Nope. It's a spoiler.


Honolulu Photo of the Day said...

The paint job is a bit loud for my taste but beautifully restored. I can only wish to ride in a dodge dart or plymouth duster again. Viva la mopar.

Birdman said...

... a stinger!

Rowen said...

Gotta be in my top 5 in the exhibition so far.

Randy said...

Nice 70's style paint job!

Louis la Vache said...

MOPAR muscle!