Monday, October 3, 2011

Thursday, August 25, Part 5, the fun continues with a few views and a picnic in Parkdale, Oregon

Finally we tore ourselves away from the Columbia River Gorge and headed south on Highway 35 towards Parkdale and the site of our picnic lunch.

Pulled over to take a photo of this barn, on our way for a quick visit to Rasmussen Farms.

Mt. Adams, in Washington, to the north.

Rasmussen Farms. Mama and Marsha and I visited here a couple years ago, during the Hood River Fruit Loop Tour. That time, and this time, we shopped in their store for local fruit jams and jellies. Yummy.

One of my favorite sights at Rasmussen Farms.

Mt. Hood from the highway to Parkdale, Oregon.

We've just settled in for our picnic. How nice to have shade and a clean table. We're on the grounds of a park-like area, the site of the Ries-Thompson House, which had been built in 19100.

And a nearby grove of beautiful trees--we walked over there when we had finished eating and putting everything away.

Mt. Hood--that's one beautiful mountain!

A stunning wire sculpture, "Winning Team, Amber and Clyde," by Bernie Jestrabek-Hart.

After I took this photo, we walked back to the SUV, got in and went on our way. Next stop? Timberline Lodge, at 6000 feet, up on Mt. Hood!


Jim Klenke said...

thats a neat farm, you should add the barn to tricias barn charm tomorrow.

Clytie said...

I love that barn!!! And those mountain shots are AWESOME! What a wonderful trip!!!

Michaele said...

Wonderful photos! I also was going to suggest linking up to Barn Charm.
I like them all, but the lawn chair one is really spectacular.

Jack said...

You have a nice collection of photos here today, Lynette.

Carole said...

I was directed here to see the barn that I just posted for Barn Charm. Small world I was told. Indeed. lol