Friday, March 21, 2008

As for me, I'll ride the bus.

I took these three photos within a couple of blocks of each other on my homeward bound commute, aboard the 18 bus.

Looking back toward SW 2nd Avenue at a full parking lot, after the bus had turned onto SW Washington.
Looking at the ramp that empties the Morrison Bridge traffic into downtown onto SW Washington, from SW 2nd Avenue.
Looking out the window while the bus sat stopped by the traffic signal at SW 3rd and Washington.

I am thrilled each day that I don't have to fend with parking and traffic as a participant, merely as an observer. Thanks, TriMet.

What's your homeward commute like in your city?


George Townboy said...

I go to work late and come home early, just to avoid traffic ... I drive around all day (in between late and early, lol), so I need my vehicle.

Nice series of photos ... you could be a spokesperson for public transportation!

Chuck Pefley said...

hmmm... looks like Portland has it's share of gridlock just like Seattle. I'm so glad I don't commute!

Katney said...

I commute three days a week from a small town to a small city. It is 45 miles door to door. It is 47 minutes in the morning, and 50-55 minutes in the afternoon, depending on what time I leave. (A couple of times, in really bad weather, it has taken me two and a half hours to ge thome--but traffic had nothing to do with it.)

During my commute I get to see the mountains, the river, blue herons, hawks, ducks geese, sometimes deer, occasionally an eagle. Right now the fruit trees are beginning to blossom. I expect the flock of white penguins to arrive in the valley again soon.

I couldn't do your commute. Not in a car, nor on the bus. I couldn't handle it.

Jana said...

Well, our commute, at its worst, is about 8 minutes, lol. That is how long it takes to drive from one end of town to the other if the stop lights are red. Long time residents here complain about the traffic alot.

Katney said...

Good grief, I did it. I said penguins. It's pelicans. Why do I always do that?

smilnsigh said...

-sighhhhhhhh- Look at those blossoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WendyB said...

Love those blossoms!~