Monday, February 11, 2008

My favorite neighborhood neon sign, from a new perspective

There it is--the brilliant Volvo sign at Jim Fisher, on the corner of NW 21st and West Burnside. We're looking at if from the front window of a 15 bus, heading west on SW Morrison, last Friday night. Another great neon sign hides in the tree limbs to the left--the red letters of PGE Park at SW 18th and Morrison.


Jim said...

The night time lights look nice.

Dan said...

I love this pic. The lights and reflections are fantastic.

thanks for you comment on my Summit Office Building pic. I am not sure what will end up in there. It is empty right now. It looked to me as if the interior is mostly unfinished. My guess is that they will be praying to the gods for tenants to show up.