Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flat Stanley at Multnomah Falls






Walking back to the car, we had to cross underneath the railroad tracks. Just as we approached a train whizzed by over our heads. Flat Stanley got a kick out of that, let me tell you! So did I. Here you see all of the engines and the last cars. This train is speeding west, toward the left of the screen, on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. On the northern side of the Columbia River is the state of Washington. This is the direction that Lewis and Clark went as they explored the Gorge.




American Fork said...

I have so many wonderful memories of Multnomah Falls, going back to when I was teeny tiny, clear up to 2006, which was the last time I went. It ALWAYS smells so good there. Thanks for sharing these pictures, it made my day!

*also, I think your flat stanley must be the luckiest one out there, he has so many adventures!

Olivier said...

Amedée est content de revoir son copain dans des nouvelles aventures. Il a fait une belle promenade, les photos sont superbes.
Amedée is happy to see again his mate in new adventures. It went for a walk nicely, photographs are superb.

Photo Cache said...

I would love to go back to Multnomah Falls. Wonderful memories.

Andrea said...

Wow, I have not heard anything about Flat Stanley in a while. I guess you have been too busy with Mama and Duncan. I hope they are both still feeling well.

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful falls!

But wow, that pose of Flat Stanley on the fence! Eeeeek! I'd be dizzy, if I were him. :-)


Jana said...

Great photographs! The falls are amazing! I hope to make it there this summer when we visit my grandparents.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful place! Great pictures :)