Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Waiting, with Loyalty, #2

I noticed just this much visible of the waiting dog. I couldn't resist taking a photo of what I felt represented a fine slice of life. I love how the dog could care less about that nearby orange and red fire hydrant.

A few minutes later, the dog's man came out and they walked north on SW 6th Avenue, downtown Portland.

About the Green Line MAX public art on the Transit Mall which you can see most of there between the woman with the red bag and the man with the black backpack:

Continuation, 2009
Michihiro Kosuge
On 6th Avenue, between Columbia and Clay streets
With the five sculptures that make up Continuation, Michihiro Kosuge reused red granite from an earlier sculpture and fountain installation on the Portland Mall. To create relationships between the sculptures while allowing each one to stand on its own, the artist sculpted pieces with interconnecting visual elements that include repetition, tension and stability.


Anonymous said...

I guess girl dogs don't pee on fire plugs. She doesn't have any balls.

Jim Klenke said...

Hopefully the dogs owner got him a pumpkin pie latte

Jack said...

You witnessed a very well mannered dog, Lynette.