Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My March Madness continues with Louisville Cardinal Chane Behanan, one more good reason to pull for Louisville

Louisville Cardinals, in white, played Davidson Wildcats at the Rose Garden Arena, in the first Second Round NCAA March Madness game of the day. Here's No. 24, Chane Behanan, never givin' up beneath the basket. Davidson's No 15, 6'10" Jake Cohen gives it everything he's got, trying to block Chane's shot. Look at where Chane's right hand is on the ball and where they are in relation to his left hand, and tell me who you believe will come up with the ball.

Yep, it's Chane, never-say-die-I'm-going-to SCORE-Chane! By the way, that Chane is pronounced Shane, according to the Louisville Cardinals' player page.

Chane: Got the rebound! Now, just watch what happens when I get my feet underneath me!

I read this online at Louisville Scout dot com about Chane's rebounding: Chane Behanan grabbed six offensive rebounds, the second most this season. He previously totaled six against Syracuse (2/13) this season and grabbed a season-best eight offensive boards against Rutgers (2/4). An offensive rebound is when the ball is recovered by the offensive side and does not change possession. The other type of rebound is a defensive rebound which is when you take the ball away from your opponent because the shot doesn't go through the net. When you add up your offensive and your defensive rebounds, you get your total rebounds for the game.

This young man who appears to have bounded up effortlessly from the hardwood is 6'4", weighs 245 pounds, and is a freshman. A freshman! Already his powerful legs overshadow those of the other players on the court. I want some more NCAA March Madness in Portland, some more Louisville, and some more Chane and Gorgui (from yesterday's post).

I just read on the Louisville Cardinals' player page that his birthday is the same as my older son's, Sept. 24--cool. Finding out that is birthday is the 24th made me think that must be why he's wearing that number. Nope. I continued to read and discovered that he wanted to wear No. 24 because he grew up in the 2400 block in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Everyone's eyes are on the ball and the basket--that's one of the many things which I love about basketball, the instant connection between hundreds or thousands of people, depending on the venue. Instant joy. Instant sadness. Depends upon which team you're pulling for. I love it!

Read online: Chane Behanan posted the seventh double-double of his career (14 points, 11 rebounds). Cool!

Look at the determination on Chane's face! And I love the smiles on the faces of two people on the right side of the photo--the lady in red with the short gray hair and the man in the dark jacket with the white sleeves--he's one row in back of the lady. So cool to see those smiles. And I adore the ball in the basket, all movement stopped by the camera. Fun!


brian stout said...

great action shots!! looks like you're having a ball at these games =)

Jack said...

Nice photographs of the action, Lynette. You caught all of this very cleanly and crisply.