Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vehicle windows and dogs, #2

Same dog, turned the corner. Did you expect those cute ears to point so sharply forward? In this photo, the dog just radiates curiosity to me. Do you think it's the sights, smells or the breeze the dog most enjoys?

I believe this dog is an Akita. What do you think?


Jim Klenke said...

I think he was enjoying the wind in his face. Like an easy rider.

Lowell said...

I think he's an Acutie!

Randy said...

I think your right. Looks like he sees where he wants to go.

brian stout said...

i think it's the smells they like =) we used to ride with our springer spaniel (Bingo) in the car like this, until we pulled up to a parking space one time and as soon as the car stopped, he jumped out and ran! that was his last trip in the car with the window down more than a crack! =)