Friday, March 9, 2012

Seen on the street, September 18, 2009

Something I never thought I'd see, a Pronto Pup trailer. Wonder what county fair it was headed to or from? State fair? Can't remember exactly when it happens here in Oregon. However, I do remember enjoying Pronto Pups at the Mississippi State Fair while growing, heading there with my Mama who had three goals--Pronto Pup, a pineapple ice cream cone, and some Malone's State Faire Taffy! She loved those three goodies! And she even worked at Malone's once, when I was a toddler I think. Anyway, some folks call 'em corn dogs, but they'll always be Pronto Pups to me.

I took this photo back when East Burnside was a two-way street at this location. The cross street is MLK. Looking at the original size photo and seeing Fishels, a furniture store in the building on the corner in the background, with vehicles heading west to cross the Burnside Bridge is somewhat disorienting. I mean, for the entire time I've lived in Northeast Portland, about 14 months, there has been nothing but east-bound traffic beginning at this intersection.

Love the vivid colors which show up much better once I took a photo without practically looking straight into the sun.


Jim Klenke said...

Are they good? Its colorful.

Anonymous said...

Are they good to eat?

PS: I really think comments are way down because people have turned Word Verification on. It is too hard to try to decipher the words so I usually don't stop and comment anymore. I know a lot of my friends won't go to a blog that has Word Verification enabled. I try once. If you see this then you know I was able to decipher the words.

Lynette said...

Jim and Honest Abe, they do taste good! Thanks for asking because you prompted me to edit the post to include some good memories.

Happy Friday!

Jack said...

I have heard about corn dogs in some of the state fairs in the Midwest, but I have never heard of Pronto Pups. I think this is a "food" that I will leave untested.

Like Abe, I also dislike this form of word verification. It is too difficult and too slow.

Randy said...

You can't miss that trailer. I love corn dogs.

Lowell said...

Where ah come from we called them thar things corn dogs and we shore did like 'em a lot!

Y'all think these are diff'rent than them ol' corn dogs?

Hi, Lynette. Thanks so much for visiting our new site. Much appreciated. Your comment about the golf carts was interesting. The Villages now has about 80K people and I think everyone has a golf cart. When we go down there we're very careful walking around so as not to get run over!

The trouble with Florida, is that you really can't walk places - they're too far and spread out. And we've got no public transportation to speak of. The Villages (like where we live in Stone Creek) is a golf cart community which means you can drive them on designated roadways - not on public highways, though, unless you have a "street legal" cart.

So, in the Villages which takes in a huge amount of land, people usually live their cars in the garage and drive their golf carts.

Sallyh said...

Saw this guy at Rockaway Beach this past weekend. The Pronto Pups are great. The batter is NOT corn batter, so they don't really taste exactly like a corn dog. I liked them a lot better. He also has zucchini on a stick that is cooked the same way... out of this world!