Thursday, June 12, 2008

Law enforcement on the Willamette last Thursday, June 5, as the fleet came in

US Coast Guard riding with Multnomah County Sheriff's Office River patrol, headed north, downriver, on the Willamette near the Steel Bridge

US Coast Guard beside the USS Kidd as the tug pushes it closer to the wall.
Here's another Coast Guard boat on watch.
The Coast Guard boat goes beneath a bridge.

Another Multnomah County Sheriff's Office River Patrol boat heads south, upriver, with the Willamette reflecting the sun during what local folks call a "sun break." They've been welcome weather events lately.
The boat heads north on the Willamette River.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

This is SO interesting! Thanks!

Steve Buser said...

Reminds us of all the activity that we miss behind the scenes when a big event like this happens. I remember when President Bush was in town a few month back -- two from the Secret Service were sitting on the roof top of the hotel across from my work window. They sat there all day dressed in black with bullet proof vests on -- how they handled the heat i will never know.

Chris said...

I was thinking the same as Steve. You never realize how much stuff goes on behind the scenes. Interesting.

One of these days, I will have to get out to the Rose Festival. It's something I've always wanted to do.

I answered your question about my shoulder in my comment section.

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

Great series of shots. Back in the day when I wrote full time, I wrote about your Rose Festival for the travel mag I worked for. What an event!

Denton said...

When I saw your first photo I thought where is Bruce Willis (smile). You remember the movie where he played a sheriff who patrolled a river.

Also, I enjoyed your explanation about what local folks call a "sun break".

Denton from Greenville and the Daily Photo Map.

Champ Townboy said...

Wow, great shots!! They were ready!

Thank you for the awesome comment the other day, it didn't go unnoticed!! I appreciate you!

Louis la Vache said...

The Coast Guard is our smallest, least known and most under-appreciated service. We think of them as only guarding the U.S. coasts, but in fact, they are stationed world-wide. The Coast Guard was founded by Alexander Hamilton as part of the Treasury Department. They were charged with intercepting smuggling, etc. in their original charter.

In World War II, they played a large role in the protection of the Atlantic convoys against the Nazi u-boats.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Amazing series of photographs. I like to see these people at work. They always seem on the go but actually never stop going somewhere.

American Fork said...

Loved looking at all of your photos, especially this days. It's interesting to see law enforcement out on the water, we rarely see that in Utah!!