Saturday, June 14, 2008

Echo Gate, public art along the Willamette River

One of four pieces of public art, created by RIGGA - a group of local artists, are featured between the Morrison Bridge and the floating walkway is the Echo Gate. Located beneath the Morrison Bridge, the sculpture 'echoes' the pier buildings and Shanghai tunnels of Portland's past. Echo Gate is made of copper plate that was heat-formed, fitted, and welded.


Here's some information I found online about the Eastbank Esplanade, where I found the Echo Gate the day that I photographed the arrival of the fleet. I was on the floating sidewalk when the fireboat doused me.

The Eastbank Esplanade provides visitors with a unique and distinctively urban experience. Tucked between Interstate 5 and the Willamette River, the Esplanade is 1.5 miles long, extending from the Hawthorne Bridge to the Steel Bridge with connections to eastside neighborhoods as well as across the river. Primarily a pedestrian/bicycle corridor, it offers unparalleled views of downtown Portland and leaves visitors with a whole new perspective of the river and the eastside.

Thirteen urban markers run the length of the Esplanade, marking the eastside street grid and providing information about the river and the rich history of the area. Seating walls, benches, overlooks, and small plaza areas offer places to stop, relax, and enjoy.

The 1,200 ft. long floating walkway is the longest floating walkway in the United States. Here, the sensation of walking on water adds another dimension to the experience. The adjoining 120 ft. public boat dock provides moorage for recreational boaters as well as space for a future river taxi and other commercial uses.

A cantilevered walkway is suspended from the bulkhead of the original City Pier #2, providing opportunities to view the old pier as well as the riverbank below.


WendyB said...

I want to walk on that walkway!

Abraham Lincoln said...

This might sound like curb your dog talk but does walking on a floating walkway make anybody seasick?

Happy Father's Day to the fathers in your family.

I hear cardinals, Carolina wrens, grackle babies wanting fed, and other nature sounds and the sky in the east is getting brighter and the air is cool and the doors are open and so are the windows. I am blessed on this Father's Day morning.