Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Great Leaf Moments, A Series, II


The Buick's headed north on NW 22nd Avenue. I was NOT driving and taking a photo, I promise. I stopped in the middle of the street once I realized there was not a car in sight behind me.

And I promise, I do NOT know the owners of all of these matching street-level accessory vehicles. Chalk it up to serendipity. Or as Mama would say, "You can see more drivin' than I can just ridin' and lookin'!"

Notice how flat the street is? Once it slopes down from West Burnside, it flattens out at our street, NW Everett, and stays flat all the way to the Willamette, as far as I can tell.


dot said...

Lynette, you are pretty good at matching things up in your pictures!
Tell Mamma I said "hi"! I'm running over to check your other blog.

Andrea said...

You fall colors are so pretty.

We had some rain Monday and looks like more is on the way. Thanks for your prayers.

fort Lauderdale Daily Photo said...

Another nice one,complete with color coordinated props :)

WendyB said...


Sharon said...

What amazing colors. We don't have anything even close to that here, so it's nice to enjoy yours.

Annie said...

It's a bright day on that street and will likely stay that way till all the leaves are gone, no matter the weather.

smilnsigh said...

,-) How are we to *believe you*? When you keep taking these photos, with such matching colors, around?!? The umbrellas, beside the reddish tree. Now this. Mmmmm.... Not *sure* we can *believe* you. ,-))))

However you do it, you get marvelous shots!

And thank you for reassuring me that you don't lean out your window, to get pics! ,-)


GMG said...

Awesome pictures! The colours on your last posts are absolutely gorgeous!

Steve Buser said...

What I would give for one of those bright blazing Falls.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Chuckeroon said...

....it's always fun to tour around and see the town. It widens the experience, doesn't it? Puts it in a context.

BTW....the "wooden thing" you asked about is only a very old brick and stone structure by the river helping to support a bridge built in 1778! That's all ;-) (have a look back and you'll find some other photos of the bridge in full) Have fun!!! ;-)

Oswegan said...

You are like blocks from my office in this shot.

You're scaring me.



• Eliane • said...

See, what I was saying earlier? Your third eye is scanning for matching elements! ;) Sorry, I meant "street accessories". of course. What was I thinking? ;)