Thursday, October 25, 2007

Great Leaf Moments, A Series, III

Y'all know how fond I am of telling which direction I face when I take a picture. Can't do that this time. The minute I drove the Buick west on NW Johnson and turned right onto NW Westover Road, I soon lost track of direction.


I just kept turning onto the high road at each intersection. Looking at the Google map just now proved to be no help, either. The roads resemble curving pasta of different lengths, lying nearby and atop one another on a small dish. Suffice it to say that we went up and up, circled here and there, pulling to a stop wherever possible to take a few pictures. Mostly we went, "Look at that!" I couldn't stop because a vehicle was behind me, so I missed quite a few photo opportunities.

I managed to drive by one house three times, each time from a different direction. I recognized its almost two-stories high concrete retaining wall. Twice I drove by a nice flat concrete driveway where I could have turned around but for the fact that as I approached the driveway, all I could see underneath the concrete at is juncture with the roadway was space, empty space. The whole house, driveway, carport, everything is on stilts or pylons or whatever they call them. No was was I going to tempt fate with my toes, much less an entire automobile!



In spacious, flatter areas, streets widened but houses still sat atop steeply banked lawns, hiding behind well-kept plantings.



joy said...

Looking at your photos makes me a bit sentimental. I didn't visit Portland (almost did though) but Eugene. And I had such a lovely time.

You must enjoy living there :)

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Have a great day!

Your Love Coach

GMG said...

Great series! Lovely colours and an amazing house amidst the trees... ;)

Annie said...

Just think how busy a compass (on the dashboard of your car) would have been!

dot said...

They must enjoy beautiful views from their homes. While you were taking pictures it would be funny if someone was leaning out one of those windows taking pictures of you! lol

Andrea said...

From the looks of the first picture, I would say someone is living on the edge.

Love the beautiful fall colors. Wonderful pictures.

Chuckeroon said...

This is always a fruitful project for the desparate "Daily Photoist"...however, the viewers get a good return on your investment.

BTW,'s been hard enough handling the "difficult characters" and their reactions to O'Higgins. I can't be overwhelmed dealing with your enquiries as well...but the answer is... Yes ;-) Greetings.

Mike said...

Wow. Better not be scared of heights liveing there!

dentonharryman said...

Great photos and you made a wise choice in not tempting fate while driving an automobile. It is important to be able to see where you are going. The first several homes we lived in where on concrete slabs. No crawlspace at all. The home owners, from your photos, would have to use a ladder or ropes to inspect their floorboards in their crawlspace.

FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Brrrrrrr... Those stilts make me nervous! Just kidding ;D.

Great post, lovely photos. I really like the way you show your city :).

Oswegan said...

That's up the street from here.

I'd better be careful or I will show up in one of your photos.


WendyB said...

The angle in the house on stilts picture is amazing. I have vertigo! Good work.

• Eliane • said...

"The roads resemble curving pasta of different lengths, lying nearby and atop one another on a small dish." I can tell that you are blogging on an empty stomach. :D
The house is amazing, especially on the first picture.

Sharon said...

Wow, that is fascinating. I think I would be terrified to live in one, though!

Ming the Merciless said...

I especially love the last photo -- the bend on the road. It is spectacular.

As for the houses on slits....I would be afraid of mudslide or earthquakes or something that would bring those things crushing down.

elsa said...

wow, that's a beautiful picture! :) I'd love to live in the house in the first picture! :)