Friday, October 12, 2007

Blazer Hoop-de-do!


You know some people say, "Let's go shoot some hoops!" when they really mean, "Let's go play basketball!" And you know that some people call a whole-lot-of-fun-goin'-on by the name hoop-de-do. That's exactly what I witnessed Wednesday night at the Rose Garden.

Mesmirized and hypnotized by the sights and sounds, I quickly fell under the spell of what I'm calling Blazer Hoop-de-do! This is how far gone I was--I didn't even think about getting my camera out of my tote bag!

When the Blazer Stunt Team came to sit down right in front of me, it finally hit me that I ought to be taking pictures. Off and on until I left the arena, I took a picture every now and then, some of which are OK, some of which are crooked, but I'm going to share some of them with you anyhow.


After one of the teams called for a time out, the stunt team rose to their feet and did, well, stunts. Here's part of one that happened right in front of me. I wonder if, at the second I got this shot, both are them were holding their breath? Pretty neat stunt to see up close and personal.

The Blazers wear their white home uniforms, while the Los Angeles Clippers are in their red away, or visiting team, uniforms. Blazers' No. 12, LaMarcus Aldridge shoots the second of two free throws; a Clipper had fouled him. I know it's the second free throw shot attempt, not the first one, because of way the guys are standing on each side of him, poised to jump into the air in case the ball doesn't go through the hoop. It did. Aldridge had a great night, scoring 21 points and making six rebounds.



slinger said...

Yahoo! Basketball season is off and running. Though I am really struggling with supporting my local team as they traded away Kevin Garnett. They had very little offense beyond KG. It's a new start, I'm not confident in the coach. Thank goodness I am a big hockey fan and my MN Wild team is worth rooting for.

You're seats were great for the game. Nice photos.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Very cool shots, love the POV on the cheerleading one.

Denton said...

Great photos. I especially like the first photo. Also, the concept that the stunt team performed in the stands is really sort of scary. I can just imagine someone reaching for a hot dog (or a camera) and bumping into them ... Congratulations on some great photos.

photowannabe said...

Pretty cool shots Lynnette. You had awesome seats for viewing and the stunts happening right in front of you must have been fun to watch.
Thanks for visiting my blog and your kinds words. Come by again.

FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

I don't appreciate sports, but these photos look terrific.

joy said...

Basketball! Finally a sport I understand and like.

Your Love Coach

oldmanlincoln said...

I don't know how anybody can hold somebody up in the air like that on one hand. I mean when I was 21 I couldn't do that. I wonder how they do it? It is very nice photography. A nice post.

dot said...

Nice pictures! Oh to be so young again as those in the stunt picture.

Neva said...

ok did basketball and I just posted my 100th post ..go check it out and see how similar it is!!! what a hoot!

Oswegan said...

Nice shots, nice to see another local photographer.


• Eliane • said...

Very cool! "Hoop-de-do" will now be part of my vocabulary. :)

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great photos!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic time!