Friday, October 2, 2015

UPDATE and a bit more of a mural I noticed on the way home Wednesday

UPDATE: Chemo Round Five proved interesting, doable but interesting. I had to have the Taxo paused for an hour and a half, due to its impact on my blood pressure. After that pause and taking an additional medicine to relax me (which should help one's blood pressure even when one isn't aware of not being relaxed), the Taxo resumed and finally emptied. Then the second chemo, Carboplatin, flowed in like a charm which it has done all four rounds. Afterwards, tired and hungry, Lamont drove us to 3 Doors Down Cafe where we met Leland for a fine supper. Thanks, sons! Thanks, 3 Doors Down Cafe for being as wonderful as always, both front of the house and back of the house.

iPhone pix

This is the southern end of a mural I noticed the other day from the Portland Streetcar. It's the white shapes on the black and brown background. It's located at 525 SE Pine Street, just east of SE Grand Avenue.


Here's that bit of the mural, its northern end--you get just a glimpse of it at the right edge of this photo. It's one of the Forest for the Trees, 2015, public art offerings.

One of these days, like I mentioned earlier, Leland and I will go on an outing to find and photograph murals around Portland. The ones easiest to find will be those for whom we will get locations from the lists on the Forest for the Trees Web site. We're both excited at the possibilities!


By the way, here's what we ate last night at 3 Doors Down Cafe. Leftmost, Lamont's special of the evening which was braised rabbit over papardelle with cacciatore sauce. In the middle, my mini meatballs with marinara and mozzerella plus baked macaroni and cheese. Rightmost you see Leland's roasted golden beets with pancetta and comte cheese risotto. Each one of us ended up supremely satisfied.


Before our dinner order arrived, we received a couple of grand appetizers from the Chef. I'm proud to say that both sons used to cook at 3 Doors Down Cafe, Lamont as sous chef, Leland as line and prep cook. so we have a great relationship with the restaurant.

On the left, housemade blood sausage with cipollini onions and fingerling potatoes. On the right, molasses cured salmon, buttered grilled rye bread, capers, onions. Needless to say, not a morsel of deliciousness remained once the three of us dove into them. Thanks, Chef!


William Kendall said...

Those meals look beyond delicious!

leland hanson said...

Great shots!!! I love how our cameras capture light and color. Then all you need is a good eye and I think you have that covered. Love you!