Tuesday, October 6, 2015

UPDATE and another fine mural we found on Saturday

UPDATE: Today I had more of an appetite which led me to eat a bit more--hooray! Still very little pain or peripheral neuropathy which is usually diminishing by now anyway, based on the previous rounds of chemo. Thank you so much for your continued prayers, love, and concern.


#407SEMLK for this great mural on the side of River City Bicycles which is located directly behind one of my favorite places in Portland, the Architectural Heritage Center--the brick building you can see on the right of the photo. There's a cropped photo at the bottom of the post so that you are able to see more mural details.

About one of the artists, Celeste Byers: Celeste Byers is an avid nature worshiper from San Diego, California. Her work combines inspiration from the natural world, everyday life, inter-dimensional realities and the subconscious mind, and takes form in a variety of mediums including film and animation, paintings, drawings, music, murals and sculptural installations.

About the other artist, Aaron Glasson: In his previous lives, Aaron Glasson has worked as a fish and chip cook in his native New Zealand, an ocean activist in Antarctica, a snowboard instructor in Japan and a university professor in Sri Lanka. He now resides in California, where he works as a freelance creative director and paints his brightly hued artworks.


Looks like some fun being had by a mother and child, floating on a sunny day. The mom's tattoo's are intriguing, as is how her foot that is lowered in the blue water changes to purple from the pink of her skin in the sunshine. I love all of these colors!


William Kendall said...

Quite a mural!

leland hanson said...

I agree great attention to detail.