Friday, October 16, 2015

UPDATE and some fall foliage

UPDATE: I didn't work today which was planned; I work on Monday and Tuesday next week. I rested every time my body told me to take it easy. I didn't want to go outside, so I walked in the building hallway some. I enjoyed watching the Royals beat the Blue Jays 5-0 on my big ol' TV. Thank you for your continued prayers, love and concern.


The Saturday that Leland and I went out taking photos of Forest for the Trees 2015 murals, we saw these beauties south of East Burnside. I imagine they all been blown off the trees by now. I'm glad that I got the photo through Leland's windshield .


Birdman said...

That's a hunk of yellow. Enjoying the Nat. and Am. League series. I HATE all for teams for different reasons. So enjoyable! hehehehe

William Kendall said...

The fall colours look pretty!

leland hanson said...

I remember this. I wasn't sure if you got the shot or not. Portland in gold!