Thursday, October 15, 2015

UPDATE and a decision being made at Dutch Bros, corner of SE Grand and SE Belmont

--> UPDATE: Made it to work, worked four hours, made it home from work. Very tired after work. Stopped at the Blue Diamond for a great deli sandwich and salt-less tater tots--I only ate half of it, the rest is in frig for tomorrow. I'm watching Mets v Dodgers on TV now. When I finish this post, I'll head for the recliner. I don't work again until Monday, but I will figure out some walking opportunities the next three days, for sure. Thanks for your continued prayers, love, and concern!


After work today I took two photos through the Portland Streetcar window as we waited at a traffic signal. I captured a slice of life. This Dutch Bros coffee stand stays busy, drive through window opposite side of it from this walk up window. The man in the doorway works there and stepped part-way out as his opinion on what to drink is needed. The first man in line asked; maybe the second man in line is gaining info, too--that's what his body language says to me.


The girl  with the white and blue braid (Elsa, anyone?) stepping through the door behind the guy helping the customers carried a tray filled with something I didn't get a good enough look at to decide what it was other than small and light enough that she easily carried a sort of bread loaf tray like you see at bakery outlet stores filled with whatever it was. Maybe bags of flavored coffees or flavorings to add to base coffee choices? I have no idea--I don't drink coffee. Anyway, by the body language of the two men in line, I believe they've both made a selection and are happily either telling the guy or are about to tell the guy. Slice of life, y'all, reflections and all.


Lois said...

I love pictures like this. Looks like a nice place too. Glad you have a few days off to just rest and hopefully enjoy some nice fall weather!

Jim Klenke said...

Is that an independent coffee shop? Rare to see those down here still. I like the little building.

Birdman said...

Maybe the bus should try the Drive Thru Window. Bet there would be takers. Make mine a Hazelnut, 2 creams.

William Kendall said...

Pumpkin pie, I notice in the window! That would make me stop.