Monday, October 19, 2015

UPDATE and a lovely shot of some fall foliage from October, 2008

UPDATE: Fatigue is back, but not so much that it prevented my getting to work and working my four hours. A friend who gets off on Mondays at 2:30 p.m. gave me a ride home--very nice of her to do that for me! I rested until about 5:15 p.m., then walked down to the Blue Diamond and enjoyed some food and friends. I'm home now, ready for the recliner and sorry that my KC Royals are currently getting the stew beat outta them. In a little bit, when I go to the recliner, I'll check how the Blazers are doing down in LA against the Lakers.


Last Monday I was in this neighborhood and these trees didn't look like this. I most certainly would have remembered if they were on fire like this--I wonder if the very dry and hot weather all summer has messed with lots of the fall foliage here? I know I've not been out a lot, but when I have been, I haven't noticed much color, or I've noticed that the leaves have already fallen from the trees.

Aren't they amazing? The street is West Burnside where it intersects with NW 23rd Avenue. Mama and I lived in that neighborhood from October, 2006, until she died in January, 2011. I still miss the area, but I'm very happy where I've been all these years, about three miles almost directly east of that apartment.


Lois said...

They are pretty!

Jim Klenke said...

Love that color. Our trees go from green to no leaves, not much to see.

Chrissy Brand said...

That's wonderful, great framing too.

William Kendall said...

The colours really stand out!

leland hanson said...

Fiery indeed!