Wednesday, October 7, 2015

UPDATE and something else I saw on Saturday that I enjoyed

UPDATE: Still a better appetite today and no pain or PN to speak of. Hooray! I go back to work for four hours tomorrow and Friday, then again next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, plus Monday and Tuesday the following week. I'll have a doctor's appointment and blood work on 10/21 and Chemo Round Five on 10/22. That's the next to last one, y'all. Thanks so much for your continued prayers, love, and concern.


For some reason I've always enjoyed construction equipment, highway building equipment, eighteen wheelers, race cars of all sorts, trains and locomotives, stuff like that with engines that thrum, hum, and roar. That's why when this beauty drove by last Saturday, I had to take a photo! Look at those wheels! Go, John Deere!


Lois said...

I love hearing good updates! Have a great day at work tomorrow.

William Kendall said...

They are big wheels!