Sunday, October 25, 2015

UPDATE and we've had some hard rain off and on today, so I imagine these roses no longer look like this

UPDATE: I stayed up later last night but still got plenty of sleep. I've taken a few naps today, not as many as the last two days. I've enjoyed hearing the rain falling outside my partially open window. We really needed this rain. I wonder what it has measured at the airport.


Friday when I went for a walk, I noticed this fading yellow rose and decided to photograph it with the polarizing lens filter. I think the yellow came out true to what my eyes saw. I like that a whole lot!


One more fading rose blossom. I'm really going to miss the roses in the front yard at Albertina Kerr when they cease to bloom. I'm shocked that they're still at it since it's almost Halloween! I'm leaving the polarizing lens filter on the camera all of the time. Leland will help me remember to take the plain one with me if need be--I cannot remember when he said I might want to have it instead, dadgum chemo brain.


Here it is again, with a bit of surrounding greenery. I like both photos.


leland hanson said...

Great shots! The polarizing filter can really bring out the colors of your subject.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful flowers, though you can certainly see it's the end of the line for them for this year.