Thursday, October 8, 2015

UPDATE and if I were to need floor coverings, I'd include this business in my search

UPDATE: Well, I can tell you one thing for certain-sure. Even with chemo-induced fatigue, you need to get up and walk as often as you are able to make yourself because you won't do your so-called stamina any good otherwise. I found out for sure on my way to work and on my way home. Since the chemo last Thursday, I've taken a lot of naps, slept all night every night, but not walked much. I made it today, there and back, but I could tell right away that I should've been making myself walk in the hallway of my building, if not outside because some days it was in the 80s out there. Now, I'm smarter than ever, y'all, because I'm learning from my own experience. Thanks again for every single prayer, for you love, and for your concern!


Today on the way home, the first leg of the commute, I rode the Portland Streetcar north on SE Grand until I arrived at East Burnside where I got off and transferred to a 19 bus. While riding along on the streetcar, I took a few photos out the fabulously large windows. I decided, when I looked at this photo of Paulson's Floor Coverings that, if I were to ever own a house again--which will only happen if I win a big ol' lottery, y'all, and it won't be a house, it will be a building with a parking garage in the basement--that I'd have no qualms shopping here. Look how neat the building and parking lot look. Wouldn't you find that inviting? There used to be a Paulson's on NE Sandy so I'm familiar with their multi-colored sign which was on top of that store. I consider it to be mid-century in design--they've been in business since 1921, so it might be something introduced in the 1950s. What do you think? When the store on Sandy closed, I wondered where it would end up, if anywhere. Lo and behold, on my home bound commute, if I am able to catch the streetcar in a timely fashion.


By the way, here's the sign on the store on Sandy, painted over unimaginatively by the tenant at the time I took the photo, March 22, 2014. I haven't been by there lately, but whenever I do get close enough to take a photo, I hope it's been revived somehow, at least with some bright colors, for goodness sakes!


William Kendall said...

It is a nicely colourful sign!

Birdman said...

Parking in the rear! That says it all. GRIN.

Jack said...

If you are able to get out and do some walking, It seems like it would be a good thing for you.