Tuesday, September 22, 2015

UPDATE and you'll never guess what I saw at this intersection with Leland Saturday before last

UPDATE: I slept all night. Let's hope that keeps me in the plus side of energy as I get ready to go to work. Thank you for every single prayer--I feel them!


I took this photo September 14, 2007, mainly because I wanted a photo of that giant purple octopus. I never went inside the Greek Cusina although I was by there every weekday back then because  the 15 bus I rode home headed west on SW Washington. The restaurant always looked busy to me, if I happened to be downtown late enough to see diners sitting outside or prom-goers and their limos. Anyway, the place closed in January 2010. Nothing's been done to the building until recently--the only mention I could find of that renovation process involved a November, 2014, gas leak that Portland Fire and Rescue responded to--they evacuated it and another building, found a functioning gas line valve at the street and shut it off.


When Leland and I rode by in his car a couple of Saturdays ago on our way to Camera World, I pointed out to him the purple stain from the octopus' upper legs there on the second floor. Almost six years of daily downtown weather hadn't dimmed the purple stain--amazing, the longevity of that paint merely applied by proximity over time to the building's paint.


William Kendall said...

Quite an addition to a building!

Birdman said...

Well at least it's a fav color of mine. A 'purple people eater'?

Siddhartha Joshi said...

That purple octopus is quite a view! :)