Thursday, September 10, 2015

UPDATE and my supper this evening

UPDATE: Interesting day. I slept well, woke up 15 minutes before the alarm, put too much salt in my morning oatmeal and had to toss it, instead ate tiny croissants, prunes and raisins, with hot tea and water. I took all of my pre-chemo meds as prescribed. Lamont and I got to the Oncology Center just after 7 a.m. I had the blood work again, checked in for Chemo Round Three when the receptionist was ready to begin her day, then I sat down to wait the hour until the 8:30 a.m. appointment.

I had to get that blood checked again because the very low platelet count from yesterday demanded a re-count. Happy that it and the white blood count and the hemoglobin count were inside normal, too. I was so happy about that that I forgot to ask the oncology pharmacist what would have happened if the platelet count stayed so low. I'm going to e-mail her and ask about that so I will know, in case this happens again. At 4:21 p.m., Lamont and I were in his car driving out of the parking garage.

During the morning I had developed two tiny, itchy, red hives on my left wrist which the nurse, the oncology pharmacist and I agreed were hives brought on by the chemo called Taxo. It was paused, I had Benadryl dripped in through the line used for the saline, and once the hives had completely disappeared, the Taxo was turned on again. I took until 3:21 p.m. because I was able to tolerate 150 ml/hour starting at 12:48 p.m. That's my max rate since I've had some side effects from the Taxo on all three rounds. Nothing that those professionals couldn't straighten out. Let me tell you, I am treated like a queen by everyone there! I am so grateful for these people and the care that they give me!


Here's what I wanted for supper, the Killer Burger minus the house sauce, grilled onions and pickles. It is perfect; the fries are perfect; the fountain drink Barq's root beer is perfect. I ate half of it all and drank not quite half of the root beer. The rest of it is in the frig, ready for me to enjoy tomorrow. For dessert, after I'd been home for a while, I enjoyed a single piece of Edwards' lemon meringue pie. Now, I'm heading for the recliner and will, in all probability, fall asleep during Thursday night football on NBC

I'm that tired. The oncology pharmacist told us that the fatigue is cumulative with each round, so it will get more pronounced and could continue after the last round in early November. I certainly have noticed it lately. Anyway, it's great to know that it is an expected side effect.

In the back of my mind, I wonder if I will be able to go to any home Portland Trail Blazers' games due to this fatigue. Opening night is October 28. I know that I have the option of calling for a wheel chair to meet me at the curb and roll me to the entry where I will sit, and then take me back to the curb afterwards. I'll go in a cab each way, wearing my mask to protect me against the possibility of a cold or the flu. We'll see if it works out. If it doesn't, maybe I'll be able to sell those games or give them to someone who wants to go alone. Go, Blazers!

Thank you for every single prayer, for your love, and for your concern. I need all of that and can feel it happening.

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Your appetite at the moment seems good!