Thursday, September 17, 2015

UPDATE and a photo that I took while out and about Wednesday evening

UPDATE: I rode the bus to work, then streetcar and one bus home from work. Hooray! I was pretty tired when I got there, but I was early enough that I had time to rest a bit before signing in and getting busy. I also noticed right away that I'd left my nibbles at home! No green grapes, Cacio de Roma sheep cheese or Ritz crackers! I had time to go to the coffee stand in the building lobby where I bought a bagel with deli turkey and ham, plus cream cheese. I only ate half of the bagel and the turkey and ham--no cream cheese. I made it just fine, too. Tomorrow I will remember the lunch bag because after I put the food and the ice pack in it, I'm hanging it on the door knob!


Yesterday evening I went out for one more short walk, to the corner where I sat down on the low wall around the bioswale. When I saw the cement mixer pump truck, I decided to take a photo to share. There used to be two houses in the space where a multi-story building is going up--five stories, if I remember right, with apartments on the upper floors and retail on the ground floor. The street we're looking at is NE Glisan. You can see the multi-windowed north end of the Albertina Kerr building at the right edge of the photo, behind their carefully maintained hedge.

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William Kendall said...

I wonder if the new building will end up clashing with the neighbourhood.