Saturday, September 19, 2015

UPDATE and Friday serendipity in downtown Portland

UPDATE: Friday at work went well--in fact, so did getting there and getting home. I am thankful for every single prayer because I feel the power of each one. Now I have a weekend like a regular employee! Sunday, if all is well, I'll be taking at least the group photo of my workplace Race for the Cure team, before the members of it take part in the variety of races available to them. I hope I'll be able to stay to take photos as each one passes me by on their way to the finish line. One or both of my sons will get me and my folding aluminum lawn chair there and then to Pine State Biscuits not too long after noon. Our beloved friend, Pat Musburger, will be at the end of her trip to Beaverton, so we're meeting for lunch before she drives on back up to Seattle. I'm so excited to get to hug her, talk and laugh with her!


Yesterday morning I rode the 12 bus from home to downtown at SW 5th and SW Madison. Then I walked across the street to the bus shelter at SW 4th and SW Madison, to wait for the 4 or the 14 or the 10. All three take me to the bus stop diagonally across the street from my work building's front doors. Just as I walked up to the empty seat at the bus shelter, I noticed these roses out of the corner of my eye. I got my camera out of my purse--I've discovered that it fits in there, plus I wear its strap across my chest just like I do my purse strap--stood up and zoomed in. Click. Imagine my total shock when I uploaded this photo and discovered how the focus had held for more than the top rose which is where I pointed for focus before I pushed the button. Talk about serendipity! I don't know enough about my camera yet to understand how this happened, that the lowest rose is in focus behind the out of focus leaves. Do you have any answers for me?


I heard a bus approaching to my right as I sat waiting for mine to arrive from my left. When I looked that way, I noticed the Benson Bubbler and a few pedestrians. I decided to zoom in on the water fountain. Then I decided to wait for the bus to turn right onto SW Madison--I knew that's where its route would take it--and use the side of the bus as a backdrop for the photo. I tried to focus on the four bubblers, then, lo and behold, I read the sign on the side of the bus and pushed the button without moving the camera. Serendipity, out the wazoo! I watched that man holding the white object walk on across the street, thinking that I had not only gotten the water fountain and the sign about water in the photo, but also a water bottle in his hand. As he walked, I realized he carried a short piece of PVC pipe. I'm not the least bit sad to have missed a hat trick, nope. In fact, I got so excited looking at the photo in the camera that if the person beside me hadn't stood up to get on the bus, I might have missed that chance to go east across the Willamette to my work building.

I am beyond happy to share these two moments of serendipity with y'all!


William Kendall said...

No idea how you did that with the flowers, but the result is lovely! I hope your Sunday's a good one!

leland hanson said...

Great shots mom! I really like the rose shot. Now you just need to figure out how to recreate the effect.