Tuesday, September 29, 2015

UPDATE and a few random photos to share with y'all

UPDATE: Made it OK today despite being somewhat exhausted. I have places where I am able to rest, thank goodness. Not that resting builds up stamina, it just allows me to get from A to B. I am grateful for that, let me tell you. I slept all night, another thing for which I am grateful.


The sky over the West Hills, seen from the rooftop garden at work, yesterday morning while I rested before my work began. Lovely.


Another Forest for the Trees 2015 mural, seen from the Portland Streetcar on the way home last Thursday. The building faces 524 SE Ash, but the mural faces SE Grand Avenue. Here's the hash tag for it, #524SEAsh. The artist is Jade Rivera.


Today after work when I rode by on the streetcar, I saw another mural right beside this one which is listed on the FFTT Web site as being on a building with the address of 525 SE Pine Street--Pine and Ash are a block apart. I hope to get a photo of the entire mural soon, but it may be difficult since there is a shorter building that abuts it that faces SE Grand, making it difficult to see unless you're making an effort to do so. In fact, in this wide shot of #524SEAsh that I took last Thursday, you can see the left-most section of the other mural. If I end up frustrated with my effort, Leland has said that we'll ride around in his car some time soon and take photos of FFTT from 2015 and 2014, maybe even 2013. Sweet! Depending upon where we stand to try to get a photo of this one, though, I may have to have Leland take mine for me--I'm currently just a bit taller than 5'2" while Leland's right at 6'which means he'll have a much better chance at a photo.


By the way, here's the streetcar I rode last Thursday. I enjoy it very much, mainly because the windows are huge, and it doesn't go too fast so you are able to look and look. Plus, one of these days I'll have the stamina to ride it all the way around Portland, from the Central Eastside over to Downtown then the South Waterfront and back! I just might get off here and there and take photos and then get on the next streetcar to continue making the loop. You should come to Portland and ride with me, sometime in 2016!


leland hanson said...

I like the mural! We need to figure out a day to drive around and check these out. The other shots are great also!

William Kendall said...

The mural really stands out, and I love the sky in that first shot!

Juliet said...

The mural is something to behold. Love the two different shots. Count me in for the loop on the streetcar!

Gunn said...

Great artistic mural!