Saturday, September 12, 2015

UPDATE and a look back

UPDATE: Slept until 5 a.m. and have been awake all day, tired but not as exhausted as other times lately. Achy knees are back and peripheral neuropathy. I hope that I will be able to sleep tonight with all of this aching and humming/buzzing going on from my knees down. There's some in my right hand, too. We'll see. No nausea, thanks to the anti-nausea meds. I haven't had much of an appetite today, but I've made myself eat, not too much, but eat. All's well with the other bodily function, too. Leland came over today; I think he'll be back tomorrow to go to Fred Meyer for me. Lamont's coming over tomorrow, too. I am thankful for these sons of mine and for all of your continued prayers, love, and concern.


I took this photo on September 15, 2012. 3S Consulting LLC, chemistry demo, as seen at the Portland Mini Maker Faire. I had been attracted to this booth because I noticed the man's old Aladdin Thermos, just like the one that my dearly departed husband LeRoy used to have. Then I started watching and listening. By the time the man asked, "Does anyone want to strike a match?" I hollered, "Leland does!" My son stepped right up and followed directions as his brother Lamont, in the solid red T-shirt and the sunglasses, looked on and I took photographs which turned out well, despite the loud pop.

Straight out of the camera, cropped only. Here's Leland holding the bottle in which something just ignited. Leland and I remember it as oxygen and hydrogen. I know you don't have any trouble understanding just how excited I was to see this photo of the explosion and the flame inside the bottle, as well as flying out the neck of the bottle. So was the man in the booth, wearing the red shirt and holding the match.

I'm revisiting this photo because, if I were well enough, I would've said, "Let's go, guys!" to the 2015 Portland Mini Maker Faire today; we'd have ridden there for free on TriMet and the Portland Streetcar, a special perk connected to the opening of the TriMet Orange Line and the brand new Tilikum Crossing Bridge. Alas, chemo and side effects made other plans for us. However, back then, those two sons of mine agreed instantly when I said, "Let's go!"


Lois said...

Those two sons of yours sure are special and so are you!

leland hanson said...

That was a lot of fun!!!

William Kendall said...

Very cool!