Saturday, September 5, 2015

UPDATE and here's dessert for my Saturday night supper. Go, Dawgs! It's SEC football time, y'all!

UPDATE: Slept well, slept late this morning. I felt fine, but I stayed so sleepy that I had to give up and get in the recliner where I dozed off and on the rest of the morning until Lamont texted to ask if I wanted to go to the grocery store in a little while. I'd asked him to take me with him when he planned to go for me on Saturday, that I wanted to go instead of sending a list and my shopping bags with him. So, I woke on up enough to get ready. I felt OK doing it although I could tell that I was still very tired. After we got back and he put away most all of the purchases, we hugged bye-bye, and I headed back to the recliner. Five, six hours later, I finally woke up enough to get up out of the recliner. I don't feel like I'll fall asleep again right away, but I'm staying outta the recliner, to be safe because I don't want to fall asleep this early!

iPhone pix

For supper I ate a little bit of deli baked turkey, sliced thinly like I like it; some green grapes; two little bitty croissants; a little bit of Coca-Cola from a big bottle named Tailgate. For dessert, these two totally perfect Fudgsicles. I love these triple-C sweethearts: creamy, cold, chocolate. I have to control myself and let them sit for a few minutes so that they thaw--that's what makes the creamy and the chocolate get ahead of the cold and reveal their perfection. Yummy.

I missed most of the first half of the Mississippi State University vs the University of Southern Mississippi football game. I woke up in time to see State stop Southern at the goal line, so State still leads 14-10 at half time. I hope that I am able to stay awake for the rest of the game. Let's go Dawgs! Win this football game! I just got to ring my Mississippi State Cowbell app! Mississippi State, 21-10! Yeah! Yea! Yippee!

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William Kendall said...

I haven't had one of those in years!