Friday, September 4, 2015

UPDATE and the credit union building next to my morning commute bus shelter, current photos and vintage photos--enjoy!

UPDATE: Friday and I made it through all five days of half time work and only needed that one 15 minute nap yesterday. I am so proud of that. Plus, I didn't need a nap after work until today when I got home, but, then, I often needed a nap on Fridays after work, something about the end of the week--it's finally here--I can rest now. I have not overdone it at all, y'all. Thanks for your prayers, love and concern.


Here's a photo of my morning bus shelter, the one TriMet locates as at NE Sandy Blvd. and NE 20th Avenue which is the cross street you don't see in this photo that I took last November. I love the look of this sunny morning! Plus, I wanted you to get a look at the credit union building prior to its recent remodel.


In contrast, here's the building after the remodel. I took this photo on Tuesday. I like how it turned out looking modern and together.There are more windows than I expected--I'll bet the employees are glad of that.


I do miss the plants that used to be in this planter, though. Right now this is flat out boring.


Here's a look across the boring planter and along the front of the building. You get an idea of what I meant when I said more windows. I've even seen people sitting in those yellow chairs--I think they are customer chairs in front of a credit union employee's desk.


Finally, two vintage photos. This one is actually a photo of a photo that I took so that you could see the building that used to occupy the eastern most part of where the credit union building used to stand. Absolutely would love to have seen it, up close and personal!


The other vintage photo allows you to see NE 20th crossing NE Sandy Blvd. where the man is working on the traffic island. The Richfield service station is about where the credit union parking lot is today. Just to the right of the Richfield sign is the giant shoe building. That building with all of the windows still stands today--it's home to KATU TV Channel 2, the local ABC affiliate. I think the current day bus shelter is located right in front of the service station building with the windows. I love this vintage photo--well, both of them, to tell you the truth!


LOLfromPasa said...

A great series of 'what's happening'. The vintage photographs are such a neat addition to it all. Hope you have a restful weekend!

William Kendall said...

Quite a difference from the historical past to the more recent and the new.