Friday, September 25, 2015

UPDATE and modern day street parking procedures

UPDATE: I had a bit more energy parts of today for which I am grateful. It's great that it's Friday, believe me. And the FedEx man left a package inside the building at my front door--I've been hoping for this since he missed me by about 30 minutes on Wednesday and a whole lotta hours yesterday--now Leland and I don't have to go to their location tomorrow to get the package. Yea! If I feel right, we're going to the Laurelhurst Theater to see the latest Mission Impossible as a second run movie, therefore much more affordable. And if I feel right, we'll go to Fred Meyer afterwards, for my second time to go there since June. Everyone keeps telling me I should ride the scooter. I don't know about that 'cause I'm pretty much uncoordinated. I really shouldn't subject Leland to it or the other shoppers.


Does your town or city use this sort of parking meter? Is this even called a parking meter? Well, I just looked online and the City of Portland calls this a Pay Station when they give you a link to how to operate it. The other links about parking use the term parking meter, as in Parking Meter Rates and How to Report a Broken Parking Meter, etc. Does that make parking meter a term like Kleenex which lots of us use when we have any sort of tissue in hand. Know what I mean?


The lady has the piece of paper she needs and is on her way to her car to place it as instructed, I'll bet. When you click on the link about how to operate the Pay Station, you learn that the piece of paper is officially the receipt and that it is to be placed in the curbside window seal. You have to keep reading paste what looks like the end of the instructions on the Web to find out that you need to be certain that the date and time need to face out. Of course, all of this is on the receipt itself, in case you're new to the whole thing.

All of this is just one more reason that I'm glad that I don't own a car and that I hardly ever drive the Zipcar anywhere that I have to park on the street. Count your blessings where they are, I always say.


Linda said...

They have these contraptions at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We don't like them at all! Search out a parking spot, probably not close to your destination, note the number, walk to the machine, walk, walk, walk... meanwhile dodging crowds on the sidewalk. Last time we went to the shore we avoided the whole mess by not going to that town. I'm sure they didn't miss us because it is always crowded there and we don't spend much money.

William Kendall said...

They look like the parking meters here, which were installed several years ago. I find them handy for checking the time.

I did see the last Mission Impossible film, which could be called Tom Cruise Being Tom Cruise For Two Hours.

Patty said...

Our town is so small, we don't need parking meters. But they did do one thing to the downtown area, made these small like islands that come out at the corners, they have placed planters there, but makes using the spot hard to park in. One of the dumbest things the town has down since we moved here in 62. I also find it funny, when I use to mention to my one neighbor I was going downtown (I meant here in Brookville) she thought I was going to go into Dayton. We don't have many store downtown any longer. We use to have 2 pharmacies, two small Mom & Pop grocery stores, a grain/feed store, 3 bars, one bank, one church, department store, Montgomery Ward store, a Tot and Teen shop, a men's clothing store, shoe repair, aluminum siding/windows, hardware store, plumbing store, Dance Studio, 2 mall places to eat, two dry cleaners, and a movie house and a large Five and Dime store. Most of that is all gone, either closed up completely or moved to our small shopping center at the edge of town.
We've seen a lot of changes in this small town, also use to have two undertakers. When Salem Mall came in close to Dayton, it took a lot of business away from Brookville. Now Salem Mall is also gone. And time marches on.

Have a great rest of the day and hope your weather is great today.