Wednesday, September 9, 2015

UPDATE and quirky, seen around Portland in September, 2008

UPDATE: Slept well, woke up a half hour before the alarm went off. Went to pre-chemo blood work and appointment with chemo doctor. He said that since my platelet count was low, I need to get there very early tomorrow to have the blood work done again before the 8:30 a.m. Chemo Round Three appointment time. So, Lamont's coming to get me around 6:45 a.m. We will have a long day tomorrow and be exhausted afterwards--both of us. Oh, when I got home today I had an e-mail of the test results and was also surprised to see that my white blood cell count and my hemoglobin had also been flagged as low. I wonder why the chemo doctor didn't mention them when we were at the appointment? I'm not needing any blood transfusions, yet. I do believe I now know why some days I'm very tired--thank goodness it is not all days, so far. Anyway, tomorrow's Chemo Round Three will add to the possibility of side effects. I'm as ready for them as I can be. And looking forward to going to Killer Burger for supper, when we're done.


I'm so glad that this Zapcar didn't turn out to be a Zipcar.


Three wheels? Not my cuppa tea.


Someone discarded their partially eaten sandwich on a TriMet bus, on top of the wheel well beside the front door. I took this photo because it reminded me of a Scottie dog, one of those terriers whose hair looks like a maxi-skirt, hanging almost to the ground between the front and back legs in a side view. Do you agree?


What are these three about? I have no idea, but I surely like the look of them.


Last of the quirky photos on this post, a lovely neon H that I photographed in the Pearl District. Naturally since both of my last names, single and married, begin with an H, I just had to take this photo.


Lois said...

Praying things go well for you today Lynette. I love those quirky photos too and definitely agree about the sandwich!

William Kendall said...

The car's baffling. I haven't seen one like that here.