Monday, April 20, 2015

TriMet shuttle buses, seen April 20, 2009, on the homebound commute.


I looked out the window as we pulled out of the bus stop on SW Morrison and noticed folks boarding buses at the MAX stop across the street from what was then called PGE Park, now known as Providence Park, where the Timbers play MLS soccer. Since something must be blocking the east/west MAX line and it was right after work, I knew lots of folks headed home towards Washington County would be impacted by taking shuttle buses rather than MAX trains .


I got off the bus and walked around to take a look at the shuttle buses as commuters boarded, impressed with their resigned calm demeanors. I wonder if those people had walked from the sight of whatever the problem was on the MAX line? Or if they had been shuttled from Pioneer Courthouse Square, the MAX stop prior to this one? At least it wasn't raining.


William Kendall said...

I like the colour scheme of the bus in the first shot.

Randy said...

I wish more people used the buses here.