Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 ... Waiting for the MAX, this door piqued my interest.

Always, my roving eyes read, read, read, whatever words they scan. Saturday the letters in the top section of the door behind the park bench caused the scan to cease. I took a closer look, decided to get a shot of the door. Then I zoomed in on the letters. Of course I knew it said "Not an Exit" on the inside of the door. From the sidewalk side--"Tixe Na Ton"--y'all creatives out there, who or what could Tixe Na Ton be?
Y'all see the serendipitous-download-outcomes? If you need a clue or two, look at Monday's post.

By the way, about Tixe Na Ton, I'm leaning towards a female impersonator, all decked out in vintage hot pants, tube top, feather boa and Christian Louboutin Ariella studded boots, performing on stage to Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff."


jill said...

You are just too funny Lynette!! Great post!!

Hi to your Mama!

Jim said...

Tixe Na Ton, not a visual I want, but now I have in my head anyway.

Andrea said...

Funny how No Smoking was aimed at you and the Not an Exit was on the other side. Nice capture.

Anonymous said...

It is odd, the no smoking sign.

Lynette said...

Thanks, Jill.

Sorry, Jim.

Yes, it is funny, Andrea.

Yes, it is odd, Mr. Lincoln.

Here's what my friend Anne, a retired librarian, e-mailed me as her creative contribution:
This is the first thing I thought about. It is a Vietnamese fireworks factory-of course you can't smoke in there. The Portland City Council has told them if they blow up Portland all of the Vietnamese will be sent the the Gulf coast to fish for shrimp. (Does one "fish" for shrimp?) But, of course, they smoke in there, so if I were you, I would move to Seattle.

Lynette said...

I forgot--the serendipity is Mama! Right there, reflected in the door, in both photos!

brian said...

strange also that this door does not appear to be an entrance... should there not be a sign on the outside saying 'not an entrance'. And if it's not an entrance and not an exit, just what kind of door is this where you can't smoke =)

Lynette said...

Brian, Mama and I are laughing and laughing! She said, "Tell him I agree with him!" when she could get her breath!