Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008 ... Bug Convertible

Behind the VW Bug convertible, you can see the green wall of Elephant's, with a banner that advertises their Garden Party Room.

I believe it would be great fun to drive this car. LeRoy and I had a VW Bug for a couple of years before he died; he used to drive it to work when we lived in Houston, Texas. I can remember how much Lamont and Leland enjoyed riding in it with him.

Do you have any VW stories to share? Or any sleek cars you used to know/have/love that you could tell us about? Eventually I know I'll find a 1955 four-door Chevrolet, a 1966 Chevrolet Impala and a Chevy II, maybe a 1962--Mama and I have FMD about that date, failing memory disease! Goes with age.


Abraham Lincoln said...

I had a friend who worked in R&D when I did and he would order a new VW bug and then wait up to 16 weeks to get it delivered.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville Daily Photo

WendyB said...

Right before I read your sentence saying it would be great fun to drive this car, I thought, "Oh, that would be fun."

Aileni said...

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Jim said...


Jilly said...

Some lovely car shots. We have a VW bug festival in Menton, which I've not featured as yet. Only the ancient cars. I know how hard it is to get a good car shot. Love this one. And your earlier ones - had such fun looking back over recent posts.

You are like me, I never know what car I'm photographing. So snap!

Neva said...

My neighbor has the newest model of this VW bug and I LOVE first car was a 69 white bug that got stolen in 74 when I was in Detroit.

jill said...

My husband had a black VW bug (not a convertible) when we were married. I kidded him that i married him for his money (ha) and his sports car.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" used to have a VW Beetle he'd float in flooded streets during Texas Panhandle downpours. Those old Beetles really were built well enough that they would float!

Kate said...

One of my fondest memories is owning a red VW, which we called the "Foo Foo." Wish I had this one now.

Olivier said...

superbe cette série sur les voitures, j'adore les deux photos avec des coccinelles. mes parents en avaient une, c'était génial. Je préfère les anciennes a la nouvelle génération.

this superb series on cars, I love the two photos with ladybugs. my parents had, it was great. I prefer the old to the new generation.

brian said...

i've always wanted a VW bug, especially a convertible like your photo! my only 'sleek' car was my first car - a 1964 Ford Thunderbird... i would have liked the t-bird better if it was convertible.. then again, i would've liked it more if it got better than 8 miles per gallon too - but it sure was pretty!