Friday, June 10, 2016

You see the most interesting things when you look down, after you're safely seated on the low brick wall at the bus shelter.


At least I believe that I see the most interesting things. This is a TriMet ticket, an adult two and a half hour ticket from June 7. I took the photo early on June 8 while I waited for the bus to work. I believe the two dark gray blotches and the light gray one are chewing gum, stuck for eternity to the sidewalk unless someone is hired to remove them someday. I don't see that happening. TriMet does have someone do what I'd call light cleaning of the bus shelters, with a power water sprayer, but that probably won't move that gum. Actually, I've only seen those cleaning crews in downtown Portland. I wonder if they go elsewhere at different times of the day?


William Kendall said...

One occasionally sees dropped bus transfers here as well.

bill burke said...

Gum can be a problem. I've seen signs here telling people to throw it in the bin not the streets.