Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pioneer Courthouse Square's Festival of Flowers 2016


I got off the bus downtown on the way to work and walked a few blocks to see this year's Festival of Flowers. I wanted to make certain I got to go before any predicted rains messed with the blossoms.


Here's a wider view. I took these photos from SW 6th and did not walk across the square to the higher viewpoints. I might go back if it's not raining--they're on display unaltered through June 14.


Just to the right of the previous photo, you see the entrance to Visitor Information. Look, there's another waterfall downtown!


And here's the part that's to the right of what the other photos show.


Looking through the wrought iron arch at the Festival of Flowers. I love this bit of history that remains on this site. The Portland Hotel stood on this square between 1890 and 1951 when it was torn down and replaced with a two-story parking lot; an original archway and gatework from the hotel were made part of the square's design and are found today on the south side of the square. I've seen photos of that hotel--do I ever wish it still stood? Yes, although I would greatly miss what's known as Portland's Living Room, I would love to see how that hotel could have been, if maintained and respected.


Getting artsy with the arch.


I really like sandwich boards filled with information and enticements.


bill burke said...

Flowers sure do make everything look beautiful.

William Kendall said...

They really are beautifully arranged!